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29th November 2016

Global trends in fibre prices, production and consumption, November 2016


Report summary

Trends in the fibre sector are an important indicator of future trends in the textile and apparel industry as a whole. This report provides an overview of general trends in fibre prices, production and consumption by country and region.

It also provides insight, information, data and analysis of the key fibre types   natural and man-made. Furthermore, it provides forecasts of cotton demand, supply and prices for the forthcoming year. World fibre demand increased in 2015 but at less than half the growth rate observed in 2014.

There was an increase in demand for man-made fibres, and demand for synthetic man-made fibres grew faster than demand for cellulosic man-made fibres. But natural fibre demand fell significantly due to a decline in cotton consumption.

In the 2015/16 crop year as a whole, the average price of cotton was lower than in the previous year. There was some strengthening of the cotton price between May 2016 and September 2016 but there is little prospect of any further strengthening in 2016/17, even though demand is likely to exceed supply.

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21 pages, published November 2016

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