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Gore Wear collaborates with Romance

Gore Wear has announced the launch of a brand new limited-edition Gore x Romance Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket.

4th November 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Feldkirchen-Westerham


Gore x Romance Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket. © Gore Wear

Gore Wear has announced the launch of a brand new limited-edition Gore x Romance Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket designed in collaboration with independent cycling apparel brand Romance. On show for the first time at Rouleur Classic, Gore Wear is combining a Gore-Tex membrane with new printing technologies to produce the first full colour Gore-Tex Shakedry cycling jacket.

Romance and Gore have combined forces to bring Romance’s design perspective to Gore’s material technology, producing a limited-edition Gore x RMNC GTX SD Jacket. Only 200 of the unique print jackets will be produced, each subtly different, each individually numbered.

Romance is an independent cycling apparel brand based in London. It is renowned for its creative collaborative projects and has worked with some of the world’s most prominent brands, artist and designers on projects from cycling jerseys and bike frames to casual wear.

Unlocking colour possibilities

Owing to the complexities of its membrane, printing on Gore-Tex’s famous Shakedry material has previously been constricted to a handful of dark colours. Now using innovative digital printing technology and high-tech ink and printers, the Gore-Tex brand says it has developed a way of unlocking a broader spectrum of colour without compromising the quality of finish or overall performance of the garment.

The new jacket will offer breathability and a durable beading surface. © Gore Wear

The new jacket will offer breathability and a durable beading surface. © Gore Wear

Now providing riders with a unique print jacket that is designed to offer the highest levels of protection and comfort in challenging weather conditions, the technology to digitally print on the new Gore x RMNC GTX SD Jacket was originally developed by Gore engineers in the technical oriented fabrics division in Putzbrunn near Munich.

Challenged to create an even more advanced material, they developed a special metallised Gore-Tex membrane and used newly developed ink and a modified digital printer to open up an unprecedented range of colour. Although the Gore engineers’ original development never made it to the market, the digital printing of the Gore-Tex Shakedry with its Gore-Tex membrane as outer shell is now alive with this exclusive cycling jacket.

Ultimate breathability and durability

The new Gore x RMNC GTX SD Jacket will offer ultimate breathability and a durable beading surface to keep you performing at the highest level in all weather conditions, according to the partners. Featuring an ergonomically shaped collar, elastic hem, reflective detailing and a front zip pocket that doubles as a stow-away pocket riders can expect the same quality and ride feel as the Gore C7 Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket. Customers who purchase a limited edition Gore x RMNC GTX SD Jacket will also receive a Gore-Tex musette, produced with leftover Gore-Tex laminate.

“We are really stoked to collaborate with the team at Romance to develop the stunning Gore x RMNC GTX SD Jacket. Merging their creative genius with GORE's technical innovation, we have really pushed the boundaries of modern design to offer riders an unprecedented level of function and form. Using a modified membrane and new printing technologies we have unlocked a new palette of colours for Shakedry products and look forward to the possibilities this opens up for the future,” commented Ben Washington, Sales and Marketing Associate at Gore Wear.

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