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Hybrid success for Groz-Beckert

Innovations in felting and tufting needles showcased.

9th July 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai, China

Industrial, Medical/Hygiene

The company’s booth at the Shanghai event. © Groz Beckert

Groz Beckert welcomed almost 3,600 visitors during the recent ITMA Asia + CITME 2021 trade fair (June 12-16) – 2,300 of them in person and around 1,300 virtually.

“This year, the virtual booth complemented our traditional booth on the trade fair grounds to enable us to reach as many customers as possible despite the coronavirus pandemic and worldwide restrictions,” Groz Beckert said. “At both booths, the product highlights were explored using 3D models and discussions were held. At the virtual booth, each visitor had their own avatar which they could use to move through the virtual world.”

In Shanghai, most of the visitors understandably came from China as a result of travel restrictions. The ranking in the virtual environment put India top in terms of visitor numbers, followed by Bangladesh, Germany and Turkey.

Both the physical and virtual booths featured the same products. The patented Gebecon felting needle was one of the highlights of the Felting product area, which could be viewed in detail as a result of  augmented reality. The Gebecon felting needle offers an improved surface quality and optimised bending resistance.

Visitors to the Tufting product area meanwhile discovered the measurable advantages that can be achieved in the production of tufted floor coverings using the the company’s tufting gauge part systems. A coordinated combination of materials and the functional interaction of all tools ensure the quality and economic results of the tufting process.

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