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22nd April 2020, Seoul, South Korea

Hyosung highlights sustainable solutions via digital trade fairs

© Hyosung.© Hyosung.

With a host of trade shows being cancelled because of the health and travel concerns due to the coronavirus, event organisers have turned to digital alternatives. As a result of these cancellations, Korean fibre producer Hyosung will present its latest regen offering of sustainable multi-function fibres via Kingpins24 live-streaming and Performance Days online events, which take place on 22 and 23 April 2020.

For both digital events, Hyosung has prepared targeted presentations that capture both the Kingpins24 denim community and the Performance Days audience, where both are seeking the latest when it comes to sustainability and innovation.

Highlighted will be Hyosung’s sustainable stretch and multi-fibre solutions to include its GRS certified creora regen elastane and Mipan regen nylon both made with 100% reclaimed waste, along with its regen polyester made from 100% post-consumer waste.

“We’ve chosen to make all of our recycled fibres with 100% recycled reclaimed waste to have the maximum positive impact on the environment,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director-Textiles. “If we made them with 50% blend, then we would only make half the impact.”

According to Simko, for every ton of creora regen elastane Hyosung produces, it avoids extracting 1.8 tons of non-renewable petroleum-based raw materials from the earth.

Hyosung will also present the expansion of its fibre offering made from recycled waste, focused on the multi-function, recycled fibres consumers are looking for, to include:

  • Askin regen polyester
  • Mipan regen nylon cooling and UV-protective fibre

“At Hyosung, we view ourselves as solution suppliers to the textile industry and are approaching sustainability with many options including recycled fibres and additional solutions for our customers to help them reach their sustainability goals,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Hyosung EMEA Marketing Director Performance Textiles.

“Viewers will catch a glimpse of our new to-be-announced sustainable offerings during the Kingpins 24 and Performance Days presentations while staying safe at home.”

A pre-recorded livestream video between Andrew Olaf, founder of Kingpins and Mike Simko will take place on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00AM ET and 1:00PM CET.  The full Kingpins24 agenda can be found here: https://kingpinsshow.com . Please visit Hyosung at Performance Days here: https://www.performancedays.com/digital-fair.html.

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