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7th June 2018, Cary, NC

INDA’s new training course is successful sell-out

The Absorbent Hygiene Course further builds on the offerings at INDA’s Professional Development Center, launched in 2017. INDA’s first edition of its Absorbent Hygiene Products Training Course, which ran from 22-24 May, sold out and achieved rave reviews from participants, according to the association. Both the curriculum and instructors received high marks.

“It’s a great interactive course with invaluable application information,” said Eva Unger-Kovacs, R&D Scientist, Orchidia Fragrances. “The training was world class,” said William Terenzoni, Chief Procurement Officer, Advanced Absorbent Technologies. “This course puts industry and education together for entrepreneurs starting a new product or anyone already entrenched in the industry and looking for new product lines,” added Ushay Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, ReddyCare, LLC.

Responding to strong industry demand, INDA opens registration for the second edition of the Absorbent Hygiene Products Training Course, which will take place from 27- 29 November at INDA’s Headquarters in Cary, NC. The 2.5-day course is created for product designers, developers and managers wanting to further their knowledge and expertise in absorbent hygiene products.

The Absorbent Hygiene Products Training Course is designed to meet the needs of new or early career employees in the nonwoven industry’s largest end market by providing structured, well-organized training focused on product design, components and materials, taught by industry experts.

The course is led by Terry Young, a former Research Fellow in hygienic materials at Proctor & Gamble, and supplemented with industry experts on SAP (BASF-retired), films (Tredegar Films), fluff pulp and converting machinery. The course focuses on diapers, incontinence products and feminine care pads/liners with design elements and functions of product parts, materials composition, performance tiers, and converting considerations for product design.

“We saw an unmet need for training that goes beyond a one-day seminar and covers the design and function of absorbent hygiene products more comprehensively since it is such an important sector for our industry,” said Dave Rousse, INDA President.  “We are truly delighted to have Terry Young, with a long career at P&G in this area, as our lead instructor, and the additional teaching support of industry experts in key areas. Participants will have much to gain from the experience and engaging presentations of multiple instructors.”

Young is retired from a 38-year career at P&G where he was the company’s expert in nonwovens.  He spent the majority of his career developing or improving P&G’s major disposable diaper brands. Young developed one of the first in-house material training courses for P&G’s baby diaper category and has trained hundreds of people from all levels. He was awarded INDA’s Lifetime Technical Achievement Award in 2011.

Participants will learn about the major components that are common to diapers and other hygiene products, including the Acquisition-Absorbent System, Chassis Containment Systems, and how materials are selected to enhance a component. Participants will learn about the function of each component and how each one influences a product’s final design. They will also be presented information on testing, product claims, and the converting and manufacturing process.  The course will conclude with a discussion on the knowledge and skills needed to continue the innovation in absorbent hygiene products for consumer markets.

The Absorbent Hygiene Course further builds on the offerings at INDA’s Professional Development Center, launched in 2017 as a hub for training excellence in nonwovens with important content from North Carolina State University’s The Nonwovens Institute (NWI).


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