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Arville achieves ISO 14001 certification

Technical textiles weaver has achieved ISO 14001 certification for the company’s commitment to the environmental standards.

25th September 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wetherby

Sustainable, Interiors, Civil Engineering, Industrial

Technical textiles weaver Arville has achieved ISO 14001 certification for the company’s commitment to the environmental standards.

Arville, which engineers technical fabrics for demanding applications in several industries, says it prides itself on its dedication to aim over and above standard requirements for key considerations including energy consumption, waste management and supply chain auditing.

Administered by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), ISO 14001 sets the bar for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The standard is an internationally recognised framework within which actions are taken to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs based on a Plan-Check-Do-Review-Improve cycle.

The company’s ongoing programme of investments in developing the sourcing of raw materials and implementation of best practice contribute to continual improvement in its ethos and operations.

“As a responsible manufacturer, Arville strives to minimise its environmental impact locally and globally through ongoing investment, manufacturing improvements, raw material sourcing and implementation of best practice,” commented Andy Smith, Group Head of Marketing at Arville.

“We manufacture using equipment developed to be both energy-efficient and to meet ethical production requirements. Reusable packaging is used and, where reasonably possible, all waste materials are recycled or disposed of through recognised sources.”

The certification process was independently audited over a period of several months and builds upon the company’s existing ISO 9001 status.

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