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Stopping poor quality at source with Usterquantum 3

Uster has devised three special Value Modules – introduced at ITMA 2019 last month – enabling preventive actions to improve quality.

26th July 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Uster

Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

Yarn producers no longer need to rely on expensive clearer cuts at winding to protect their quality. © Uster Technologies

Uster Technologies presents Usterquantum 3, which brings “the ultimate in connected intelligence”: prevention of yarn faults at source. Data from fibre cleaning and ring spinning is integrated with in-line monitoring of 100% of yarn, to unlock optimization potential for the entire mill.

Uster has devised three special Value Modules – introduced at ITMA 2019 last month – enabling preventive actions to improve quality, reduce waste and maximize performance. The Value Modules apply comprehensive analysis of data from quality systems at the blowroom, spinning machines and winders to provide all-round protection, actually preventing bad quality before it is produced.

Spinners can implement Total Contamination Control by combining information from the Uster Jossi Vision Shield fibre cleaning system and Usterquantum 3 clearers. The technology is designed to eliminate foreign matter at both ends of the yarn manufacturing process, so that mills can manage remaining yarn contamination and avoid unnecessary waste. Contamination control in the blowroom results in less contamination – and fewer cuts – at winding, with ultimately reduced contamination in both yarn and fabric. “Balancing waste levels and clearer cuts controls quality and reduces costs, optimising the whole process,” the company reports.

Stop poor quality, instead of cutting it

Uster Ring Spinning Optimisation (RSO) works at the most costly stage in yarn manufacturing, allowing mills to analyse combined quality data from spinning and winding in a single system. Information from Uster Sentinel and Uster Quantum 3 is intelligently translated by RSO into enhanced options for improvements, while the Roving Stop function stops defective yarn production. Spinners benefit from significant profitability increases and protection against claims.

Even greater potential for improvement comes with the state-of-the-art Uster RSO 3D, for extended Ring Spinning Optimisation.

Uster Quantum 3 also collaborates seamlessly with Muratec QPRO EX/FPRO EX, Spin Inspector and Uster Sentinel. Outlier quality data from these connections activates Roving Stop at individual spindle positions where a quality problem is detected.

Preventing claims with yarn prognosis

“It is becoming more important for spinners to understand the quality perspectives of their customers in weaving and knitting – so that issues such as claims can be prevented before the yarn is shipped,” the manufacturer explains. “Combining Uster Quantum 3 with Uster Tensojet and Uster Quality Expert helps provide the customer viewpoint, by giving an accurate prognosis of weaving performance, based on an easy-to-understand grading system. No fabric samples are needed, and testing costs are virtually zero. Feedback suggests that the prognosis information is an accurate reflection of real yarn behavior on both warping and weaving machines.”

Productivity plus

A further advantage of the Ring Spinning Optimisation Value Module is its impact on cop build-up quality. Yarn clearer data from Uster Quantum 3 flows into the RSO Module of Uster Quality Expert and a comprehensive speed curve analysis is made. The results guide spinners to the best machine settings for higher production yields and the required quality. This is said to reduce quality variations over the cop and boosts the overall performance of the ring spinning machine.

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