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Stäubli attracts many visitors at ITMA 2019

Stäubli had two booths at ITMA Barcelona, where it presented a selection of its latest products from its extensive range of textile machinery.

24th July 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Pfäffikon

Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

Safir S60 automatic drawing-in system. © Stäubli

Stäubli had two booths at ITMA Barcelona last month, where it presented a selection of its latest products from its extensive range of textile machinery. Many machines were impressively demonstrated in operation. A number of additional Stäubli solutions for frame and Jacquard weaving could be seen at other booths throughout the weaving hall.

“With core competencies in shedding machinery and weaving preparation, Stäubli plays an important role in the design and quality of woven end-products,” the company reports. “Based on over a century of experience in the traditional textile industry and its continuous R&D activities, Stäubli constantly offers new and improved high-performance systems and solutions for processing fabrics for fashion, home textiles, automotive, protection and carpet solutions, as well as highly complex technical textiles.”

Visitors to the booths learned about Stäubli’s vision for Industry 4.0 and how this development offers a chance to further intensify customer and partner relationships. They also learned how Stäubli’s machinery and systems can boost their mill’s weaving performance and overall efficiency. Stäubli machinery represents a long-lasting valuable investment offering an attractive ROI due to the extended service life of the equipment, long-term spare parts availability, and swift and comprehensive worldwide service.

LXXL electronic Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

LXXL electronic Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

Highlights amongst the products exhibited in the weaving hall included the new Tiepro warp tying machine. This new machine features extremely fine mechanical precision supported by high-performance digital technology. Weavers profit from the unique yarn separation process, the auto-reverse function, and automatic double-end detection.

Safir S60 automatic drawing-in system with Active Warp Control also attracted attention. Stäubli’s exclusive yarn-repeat management system, known as AWC, is an ingenious technology that makes for more first-quality output and boosts the overall productivity of the weaving department.

Other highlights were the new S1792 cam motion for air-jet applications that features 10 levers and uses the new e32/e33 harness motion for even higher performance, Noemi electronics concept that meets the requirements for high-speed weaving and handling the very high number of hooks to be lifted, and the new N4L name selvedge Jacquard machine.

New N4L name selvedge Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

New N4L name selvedge Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

The company also presented the TF weaving system for technical fabrics. The Stäubli TF weaving system was set up in another dedicated area where the collection of technical carpet samples illustrated the broad range of possibilities this system offers in weaving ultra-complex fabrics.

In addition, visitors to Stäubli’s booth in the knitting hall watched its D4S automatic toe-closing device rapidly sew perfectly smooth seams to close the toes of high-quality sports socks.

“ITMA 2019 was an ideal platform for Stäubli experts and customers to discuss the benefits and potential of Industry 4.0 and digitisation,” the manufacturer reports. “This technology is already part of Stäubli’s daily business and it enhances Stäubli’s drive for continuing innovation and maintaining its leadership position. The trade fair facilitated sales contracts and significant new business opportunities around the globe, making ITMA 2019 a great success for Stäubli and its customers and partners.”

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