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Successful ITMA 2019 for DiloGroup

More than 6000 interested parties and customers from more than 80 countries visited the Dilo booth.

19th July 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Barcelona

Sports/​Outdoor, Medical/Hygiene, Construction, Civil Engineering, Industrial, Packaging

© DiloGroup.

ITMA 2019 in Barcelona was a total success for DiloGroup, the company announced today. More than 6000 interested parties and customers from more than 80 countries visited the Dilo booth, which at 1150 square metres was the largest in the nonwovens machinery sector.

Showing a complete production line with fibre was said to be met with great approval by visitors. DiloGroup with its focus on complete production lines for the nonwovens industry sought to show its complete systems engineering and include the corresponding innovations and inventions.

“With customer requirements in mind, we can now pursue specific future development work and include these innovations in our standard portfolio. Interest in the new developments was evident, and visitors felt the enthusiasm of the approximately 50 DiloGroup employees at the exhibition,” the company said.

In technological order, starting with fibre preparation, the components for opening and blending from DiloTemafa attracted great interest, DiloGroup added. The special highlights of the improved bale opener series Baltromix Pro were shown by the design features for operating assistance with the I4.0 components Bale Timer, cleaning control, better accessibility for maintenance and the DI-LOWATT system for energy savings in fibre transport. Dilo’s proven carding willow for further opening and pre-blending was equipped with modified workers and separate drives to create the prerequisites for good quality and fine opening.

“Another specialty is the fine opening stage installed over the material box of the new card feeder FRS-P where a high dosing accuracy is achieved in cross and longitudinal direction. A very even flock mat was a clear eye-catcher. Consequently, the high web quality at the VectorQuadroCard exit was a result of the high quality of synchronized fibre opening and web forming components which form a technological unit,” DiloGroup explained.

© DiloGroup.

© DiloGroup.

The company’s revised HyperLayer NT for the presentation of the latest state-of-the-art highspeed precision layering technique showed new standards, which play an important role especially in hydroentanglement lines. “In this application, it is important to achieve layering speeds up to 190 metres/minute using sophisticated viscose fibres and a layering width of about 4 m while at the same time showing high layering precision in cross and longitudinal direction,” the company said.

According to DiloGroup, its FutureLine study 3D-Lofter met with the greatest interest and broad approval. In this study individual web forming units can deposit fibre masses on freely programmable spots in longitudinal and cross direction thus saving overall fibre mass in applications such as deep moulded parts for the automotive interior.

This ability is said to reduce costs in production and operation. “This was not the only convincing application, the prospect of a more even flock mat for direct cards and the aerodynamic web forming known as IsoFeed concept are further opportunities. The structuring of flat needlefelt floor coverings, which may be further processed with the DI-LOUR and DI-LOOP technology, may be another approach for this application, and a great potential is evident,” the company added.

“The high stitch distribution uniformity achieved by the new needle pattern 6000 X in conjunction with the new Hyperpunch kinematics Hα is able to reduce investment costs for numerous needlefelt production lines and to increase surface quality.”

Finally, and importantly, DiloGroup said, the visiting experts were able to meet ‘smart industry’ in numerous examples on the Dilo booth where more transparency and control of the production process and the operating conditions can be realized with the aid of software, internet and Cloud. “The time is here to offer operator guiding and assisting elements with new line configurations to more easily achieve production management,” the company concluded.

“Overall, it was a very worthwhile ITMA which lived up to its reputation for introducing new things and bringing innovations to life. Dilo thanks all visitors for their interest and looks forward to future meetings.”

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