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Toray installs high heat press

Adding the capacity to make larger aerospace and industrial parts from Cetex.

24th May 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Nijverdal, The Netherlands

Transport/​Aerospace, Industrial

Toray Advanced Composites has introduced a high heat laminate press at its plant in Nijverdal, The Netherlands.

It will advance the supply of the company’s Cetex reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates for high-temperature performance applications across resin systems, including PEEK, PEKK, and LMPAEK. The press can consolidate at up to 400°C and laminates are available with woven fabrics, unidirectional and hybrid reinforcement configurations.

Laminates made using the high-temperature press are 50% larger than existing laminates in this performance category, bringing a unique capability to the composites market. The increased size broadens the adoption of these thermoplastic composite materials to include larger part geometries for both aerospace and industrial applications.

Cetex laminates are fully consolidated in the press, eliminating the need for secondary layup and consolidation stages, enabling the efficient and cost-effective high-volume fabrication of high-performance, high-quality parts. Cetex reinforced thermoplastic laminates, also known in the industry as “organosheets”, undergo rigorous quality inspection to ensure near-zero voids.

As with existing Cetex laminates, ply orientation, thickness, and reinforcement can be customised to end-user specifications. Additional functionality, such as anti-galvanic corrosion and lightning strike protection, can also be integrated into the laminate at the point of consolidation, providing further processing and performance benefits.

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