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Industry 4.0 upgrades at Jersey Lomellina

New technologies apply artificial intelligence to the company’s production systems.

17th June 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Bergamo, Italy


Carvico Jersey Lomellina, the Italian manufacturer of stretch, circular knitted fabrics, has invested €2 Million in machinery, software and production processes that are smarter, more interconnected and fully automated over the past two years.

“These important investments are allowing us to permanently update our targets in order to consolidate our market share, respect the environment and value our collaborators,” said general manager Fiorella Angeloni. “The focus of the project has been on becoming more flexible, competitive and sustainable.

“We are talking about new business models and new technologies applying artificial intelligence to the production systems to increase productivity and improve working conditions. The man/machine collaboration represents concrete support to the process of corporate development and puts together new technologies and people skills which are still the real core of Jersey Lomellina.”

For many years, Jersey Lomellina has used 100% recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials from pre- and post-consumer products which, at the end of their life cycle are recovered and regenerated through a complex chemical-physical process.

The company says it is also implementing environmental policies and innovative projects aimed at creating a truly sustainable supply chain and a circular economy model.

Founded in 1977 and based in Carvico, Bergamo, Jersey Lomellina has 100 employees and an average annual turnover of €50 million.

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