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3D resilience with Actibreeze

Printed sandal’s development is backed by extensive testing.

4th August 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  California, USA


The second generation Actibreeze hybrid sandal is the latest product resulting from the partnership between California-based LuxCreo and footwear brand Asics.

The performance sandal, designed for runners during rest and recovery periods, exploits LuxCreo’s 3D printing technology and is the third footwear product resulting from the partnership.

It features a 3D-printed elastic footbed, parametrically designed in an extra-thick lattice structure for advanced breathability and zoned comfort while making it very light.

A best-in-class 3D printed elastomer from LuxCreo delivers advanced energy return and resilience and has been tested for up to one million cycles at 2,000 newtons (four times the average body weight) with less than 3% change in shape and performance.

The sandal’s development is backed by extensive testing from the Asics Institute of Sport Science (ISS) which has scanned the feet of over a million individuals and conducted over 100,000 biomechanical experiments over 30 years.

LuxCreo’s Smart Factory Production Service ensures manufacturing consistency from batch-to-batch at high yields. © LuxCreo

“By bringing a consumer hybrid 3D printed footwear product to market, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and forging a partnership that thrives on innovation and excellence,” said Michael Strohecker, co-founder and chief revenue officer at LuxCreo. “Together, we are pushing possibilities in footwear.”

The sandals are enabled by LuxCreo’s Smart Factory Production Service, with 200 printers available globally. This provides flexible options and accelerates production by taking digital 3D printing files to produce high or low-volume, high-mix with low-volume, customised, or just-in-time products. The Smart Factory ensures manufacturing consistency from batch-to-batch at high yields across many 3D printers.

“Identifying the perfect collaborator for this venture was a challenging task,” said Chris Ekman, senior manager of global product line footwear at Asics. “LuxCreo has embraced an innovative approach to 3D printed production and possesses superior hardware and material capabilities. It has been able to scale up production and has a wealth of experience.”

The Actibreeze hybrid sandals are available now from Asics retail, online stores and specialist running outlets globally, for $80

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