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INDA’s scientific journal adds new editorial leaders to strengthen academic and industry collaboration

Behnam Pourdeyhimi has been named Editor-in-Chief of INDA’s Journal of Engineered Fibres and Fabrics.

17th February 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cary, NC

Medical/Hygiene, Sustainable, Industrial, Packaging

Behnam Pourdeyhimi, PhD and Executive Director of The Nonwovens Institute at NC State University, has been named Editor-in-Chief of the international, peer-reviewed, scientific e-Journal. Michael Starsinic, PhD, also joins JEFF as Managing Editor.

“We are extremely pleased to enhance the management and expertise of JEFF with the addition of Behnam as Editor-in-Chief, and Michael as Managing Editor. Researchers should be honoured to have their work reviewed by these two distinguished experts,” said INDA President Dave Rousse. “Their involvement will be invaluable in elevating JEFF to one of the premier engineered materials journals representing both academia and industry.”

Behnam Pourdeyhimi

Pourdeyhimi is the 2015 winner of the Oliver Max Garner Award for contributions to health and human safety, the highest faculty honour in the North Carolina University system.

He is also the William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor of Materials in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University where he also serves as Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension.

Pourdeyhimi brings to the editor role extensive knowledge and close ties to both the industry and academic institutions across the globe associated with nonwovens and related technologies, INDA reports.

Michael Starsinic

Starsinic brings more than 30 years of experience in material and polymer science. He worked in nonwoven resins at Montell/Himont (now Lyondell Basell) and in fibres at Allied Signal (now Honeywell), giving him the knowledge to recognize relevant and important research in the field.

The addition of these two experts will benefit fibres and fabrics engineering researchers seeking to publish peer-reviewed academic papers, and establish JEFF as the pre-eminent journal for nonwoven and engineered fibre and fabric-related research.


JEFF publishes original R&D papers on all aspects of fibre and fabric technologies and their value chain from raw materials to end use products.

New and outstanding faculty, as well as seasoned researchers, seek to get published in JEFF and expand the awareness of their work, INDA reports. Accredited by Thomson Reuters, JEFF also offers readers an expanded Science Citation Index (SciSearch), Materials Science Citation Index, and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.


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