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NCTO to discuss state of the US textile industry

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) annual meeting will take place on 23 March in Washington, DC.

21st March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Washington, DC


Question and answer sessions will be open to NCTO members; but as has been the case at previous annual meetings, NCTO officers will be available for media scrums as time permits.


The meeting will start with the State of the US Textile Industry speech, presented by Rob Chapman, NCTO Chairman and Chairman and CEO – Inman Mills – Inman, SC. Then, David Hinks, Dean, College of Textiles, NC State University, will discuss Workforce Challenges Facing the US Textile Sector. The Current State of US Energy Policy will be presented by Kevin Leahy, Environmental and Energy Policy Director, Duke Energy.

Following the break, The Outlook for Tax Reform in 2017 will be discussed by Carolyn Lee, Senior Director of Tax Policy, National Association of Manufacturers. Nora Todd, Office of US Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Tyler Rushforth, Former Counsel for Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, will present as part of the Buy American and US Infrastructure Panel.

Finally, Rob Chapman, 2016 NCTO Chairman, Bill McCrary, 2016 NCTO Vice Chairman (Incoming 2017 Chairman) and Chairman & CEO, William Barnet & Son LLC, Spartanburg, SC, will address the audience with the closing remarks.


The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) is a unique association representing the entire spectrum of the textile industry. NCTO aims to act as a voice of the US textile industry from fibres to finished products, machinery manufacturers to power suppliers.

There are four separate councils that comprise the NCTO leadership structure, and each council represents a segment of the textile industry and elects its own officers who make up NCTO’s Board of Directors.

The Fiber Council represents domestic textile denier fibre producers. The Yarn Council represents domestic yarn manufacturers. The Fabric & Home Furnishings Council represents domestic manufacturers of fabric, including woven, knitted, non-woven, tufted, braided or other, and home furnishings. Finally, the Industry Support Council includes textile distributors; converters, dyers, printers and finishers of textiles; and suppliers of products and services to such fibre and textile entities.

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