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PEFC launches guide to sourcing

Emphasising the importance of sustainable forest management.

10th July 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Geneva, Switzerland

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear

PEFC, the world’s leading forest certification organisation, has released a whitepaper entitled Enhancing Sustainability through Forest-Positive MMCF Sourcing: A Guide for Fashion Brands and Retailers.

The guide aims to empower fashion brands and retailers to embrace responsible sourcing practices for man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) by emphasising the importance of sustainable forest management.

It explains the significance of sustainable feedstock sourcing in the fashion industry, focusing specifically on MMCF materials and the potential environmental and social risks associated with forests. It also provides a clear understanding of how PEFC’s comprehensive approach to sustainable forest management effectively mitigates these risks and promotes the preservation and well-being of forest ecosystems. In addition, it offers practical solutions for brands to ensure the traceability of MMCF materials, enabling them to make verifiable claims about their responsible feedstock sourcing.

“We are thrilled to release this whitepaper, addressing the urgent need for responsible sourcing practices in the fashion industry,” said Julia Kozlik, textile programme lead at PEFC International. “By leveraging the knowledge shared in this paper, fashion brands and retailers can make informed decisions, support sustainable forest management, and preserve biodiversity.”

The whitepaper can be accessed here.

In addition, PEFC is holding a webinar on 12 July at 3pm CEST, presenting the highlights of the whitepaper together with valuable insights and answering questions. It can be subscribed to here.

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