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Inkjet printing without water

Pigment ink, pre-treatment liquid and finishing agent are all constantly discharged in the same sequence.

15th May 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Japan

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Kyocera will unveil its Forearth all-in-one inkjet textile printer which eliminates virtually all water from the printing process at ITMA 2023 from June 8-14 in Milan, Italy.

Traditional analog textile printing consumes a large amount of water, especially in the washing and steaming processes, and wastewater pollution due to fabric printing is a long-standing issue around the world. In addition, waste resulting from the mass disposal of overstocked clothing is also an environmental concern, and the textile and apparel industries are under pressure to take immediate action towards alleviating the issue.

Kyocera’s Forearth combines patented inkjet, ink and printing equipment technology to contribute to solving these environmental problems.

In addition to dramatically reducing water usage in textile printing, its proprietary pigment ink realises both soft hand-feel prints and high fastness in a wide range of fabrics. The pigment ink, pre-treatment liquid and finishing agent are all constantly discharged in the same sequence from the inkjet head, which eliminates the pre and post-processes required in conventional dye printing.

Because the printing does not rely on water, it also supports optimised production volumes and manufacturing locations to contribute to the reduction of logistical costs, time and excess inventories.

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