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5th World Carpet Congress announces new programme

The 5th edition of the World Carpet Congress will focus on different application areas for carpets and rugs, including outdoor/landscaping, transport, office.

2nd April 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Ghent

Interiors, Sustainable, Industrial

The 5th World Carpet Congress 2015: The Bridge between Creativity and Functionality that will take place from 28-29 May at the University College Ghent, Belgium, has announced its programme.

Dedicated to the state-of-the-art, developments, innovations and future prospects for the carpet industry, the event will feature a lot of exhibitors, who will demonstrate their new innovations and products.

Participation to the Congress offers visitors the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments in product and process technologies and to meet experts from these fields of research and from suppliers and learn about current progress.

Creativity and functionality

The congress will focus on relationship between creativity and functionality with regards to carpets and textile floor coverings designs.

The creativity will be showcased in design, colours, structure, the materials used as well as in the corresponding services. The functionality will be demonstrated with regards to the new technical properties, such as noise insulation, safety, thermal resistance, air quality, and more.

Carpets and rugs

Following the introductory session, the first day will start the discussion with a presentation on Carpets and rugs: Wealth of enthusiasm and creative talent by Niek De Prest, Big Fish. After that, Myriam Vanneste, Centexbel, will present on Carpets & rugs: New developments for better recycling. The next session by Jeongwoo Park, Suminoe, is entitled Air cleaning Triple Fresh for interiors - decomposition of formaldehyde and malodorous smells, semi-permanent, self- functioning without catalyst.

The talk on Carpet industry in transition: Creative Functionality or Functional Creativity will be presented by Marc Van Parys, UNITEX. Erik Deporte, Associated Weavers, will focus on Marketing of broadloom carpet, a new approach by AW.

Advanced solutions

The afternoon session will begin with Kristof De Ruyck, nv Vandewiele, presenting on Van de Wiele: Complete carpet solutions. Metallocene-catalyzed polyolefins for advanced artificial turf and carpet yarns will be discussed by Pieter Geeurickx and Jeroen Wassenaar, Total Research & Technology Feluy. Novel polymeric, non-halogenated flame retardants for multiple fibre applications will be presented by Jan-Pleun Lens, FRX Polymers. Anne Van Snick, Devan Chemicals, will present on Devan... bringing fibres to life.

Increasing demands - our solutions : Comfort and protection for carpets will be presented by Angela eu and Evelynn Renné, Zschimmer & Schwarz. InkJET versus ChromoJET printing on polyamide and polyester carpet will be discussed by Tony Naschberger, Zimmer. Sebastiaan Kolmschot and Thomas Ruchser,  TANATEX, will focus on A tailor-made thickener for each carpet printing technology. Finally,  Bart Van Tigchelt,  Color Passport, will talk about Color Passport, understanding colour.

Tufting and cutting

On the second day of the congress Gie Van Cauteren, Geminicad, will discuss VisionCUT automated cutting process. Optimised Solutions in Polyamide carpet dyeing will be presented by Michael Bildhauer and Susanne Ehret, CHT. Eric Hopmann, DyStar, will focus on West to East – Past and Present, How changes in textile dye production have effected the Carpet Industry.

Yarn fault detection in the tufting process will be explored by Karl-Gustaf Pettersson, Eltex. Dirk Hanuschik, TFI - Institut für Bodensysteme an der RWTH Aachen, will focus on Tufting 2020. The impact of floor coverings on building acoustics will be presented by Karolien Benoit and Christophe Debonne, Eco-Scan, followed by conclusions by Marc Van Parys, UNITEX.

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