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Allied Home teams up with 37.5 Technology to help end sleepless nights

Sleep deeply with new bedding products that keep you in your comfort zone

14th October 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Montebello, CA


Imagine falling comfortably asleep at just the right temperature, staying peacefully asleep all night long, and waking up rested and refreshed. Allied Home, a leading manufacturer of premium bedding products designed for a better sleep experience, says it is making this dream come true in a new partnership with 37.5 Technology.

Allied and 37.5 Technology have united to introduce a bedding collection that reduces the effect of temperature-induced sleep disruption, leading to longer, more restful sleep cycles. Bedding with 37.5 Technology helps warm the user up when they’re cold and cool them down when they’re hot by helping to keep the optimum relative humidity in the personal microclimate created within their bedding.

Developed for high-performance athletic and outdoor gear, 37.5 Technology has been shown by Inside Climate in Munich and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) to significantly reduce the humidity within a bedding microclimate, Allied says. It works by permanently embedding fabric and fill with natural activated particles, which continuously adjusts to the user’s needs, ensuring personal comfort. The advanced climate control of 37.5Technology performs far beyond traditional wicking fabrics by dynamically managing moisture to help maintain ideal microclimate under bedding all through the night.

“As 37.5 Technology is very selective with its collaborators, we feel honoured that they’ve chosen Allied Home as a partner,” said Steve Uretsky, founder and CEO, Allied Feather and Down. “The 37.5 Technology team shares our commitment to performance innovation, health and wellness, and partnering with leaders that are the best in their field. We are excited to bring our new 37.5 Technology sleep products to consumers who want to sleep deeply.”

By using the thermoregulating properties of volcanic minerals, bedding made with 37.5 Technology actively reduces humidity next to the body in order to maximize the natural cooling process of sweat evaporation, Allied adds. Removing moisture vapour from the body before it turns into liquid sweat is the key to maintaining an ideal sleep climate. 37.5 active particles work to keep a comfortable microclimate next to the skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%, it says. Additionally, bedding made with 37.5 Technology dries faster than other bedding, substantially reducing energy used in the laundering process and, rather than washing out, the active particles are permanent and, are refreshed each time they are laundered, Allied concludes.

"We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Allied Home, recognized as a premier manufacturer of finished bedding products and a leader in the Home Textiles industry. Allied shares our vision to deliver high quality and performance innovation to the marketplace while pleasing customers in the process and maintaining a commitment to sustainability. We are very excited about the opportunity this new collaboration brings to the market." said Serine Steinnes, Vice President of Home Textiles for 37.5 Technology.

Allied Home will initially introduce the 37.5 Technology in a range of pillows and mattress pads, which will be sold through select retailers this spring.

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