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Applied DNA Sciences expands its patent portfolio

New patents applicable to a broad range of markets, including pharmaceuticals and industrial products, among others.

22nd February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Stony Brook, NY

Clothing/​Footwear, Interiors, Medical/Hygiene, Sustainable

Applied DNA's US and global patent portfolio now totals 44 issued patents, with 84 applications pending. In 2016, Applied DNA was granted US Patent Nos. 9,266,370, 9,290,819, 9,297,032, 9,412,284 and Canadian Patent No. 2,713,101.

These newly issued patents provide broad long term protection for Applied DNA's core business verticals, including its fiberTyping, SigNature DNA, SigNature T and BackTrac platforms, as well as its bulk DNA production services.


US Patent 9,290,819 is based upon Applied DNA's research in the genotyping of mature cotton fibres and provides strong protection of Applied DNA's fiberTyping services currently utilised by major US retailers and brands, as well as SigNature T supply chain partners.

US Patents 9,266,370 and 9,297,032 provide further protection for Applied DNA's SigNature DNA molecular taggant and the SigNature T platform, and their use in a broad range of markets, including, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, industrial materials, printing, and electronics.

US Patent 9,412,284 is the first in a new family of patents that protects the encoding and decoding of information within the 2-diminsional curves of a pattern, such as a military camouflage pattern. Canadian Patent No, 2,713,101 extends Applied DNA's protection of its unique bulk DNA production apparatus and methods to Canada.

Commercialisation of SigNature DNA

“The continuous development of our intellectual property to advance the commercial adoption of our core technology platform, SigNature DNA, is central to our business model,” commented Dr James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA.

“These new patents and others under examination underpin our penetration of core business verticals with an uncopyable and unbreakable mark that can reduce risk and uncertainty across global supply chains. Our intellectual property estate is among our most valuable assets and we will look to further leverage this asset in the future.”

Clay D. Shorrock, Esq., General Counsel for Applied DNA, said: “Our commitment to innovation underpins our patent portfolio's strong growth in 2016. Our patents continue to validate our core technologies and confer a significant competitive advantage to the company. As we continue to innovate across our business lines, our patent portfolio is well positioned for substantial growth in 2017 and beyond.”

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