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Biocrystal Technologies on bedding industry perspectives

Vesna Pavletić delivered a presentation on the future of bedding industry at the European bedding industry association’s General Assembly.

17th October 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Berlin

Interiors, Medical/Hygiene

Vesna Pavletić, CEO of Biocrystal Technologies speaking at EBIA's General Assembly in Berlin. © Biocrystal TechnologiesVesna Pavletić, CEO of Biocrystal Technologies, a leading bedding specialist, has delivered a presentation on the future of bedding industry, development perspectives and its upcoming trends at the European bedding industry association’s General Assembly, held in Berlin from 29-30 September.

Mrs Pavletić spoke about the challenges of meeting the new and increased needs of customers looking for high quality sleep to maintain high quality life. "To manage all demanding tasks in everyday life, it is necessary to rest and to create enough energy, strength, and especially to maintain good health, therefore, our customers are in a search for bed as a place of energy recovery and that is where a need of an active bed grows,” she said.

According to Mrs Pavletić, one of ways to convert a regular bed to an active bed, which could help address some of those challenges, is by implementing Biocrystal technology inside of it. “To have the highest quality of life means that life energy is constantly renewed and recovered, but it also demands all natural resources to be aimed into maintaining functional state of organism on high levels,” she explained.

Biocrystal mixture

Biocrystal is a powder formed mixture that contains sixteen crystals chosen according to the positive effects they produce when in contact with any organism, further improved with gold and silver threads. Products incorporating Biocrystal technology are said to help improve energy balance, proper cell function and also provide quality rest and energy renewal.

The smart technology is said to allow achieving the highest efficiency through a specifically determined procedure. This special procedure includes the precisely defined selection of the type of crystals, quantity and mutual ratio and balance of crystals, their grinding and mixing, and finally – addition of gold and silver for special purposes.


Speaking about Biocrystal mixture, Mrs Pavletić underlined the possibilities of implementation of this new technology into various kinds of bedding products, starting with foam, trough bedding textile and end products such as mattresses, toppers and pillows.

"Technology has enabled that Biocrystal mixture can be implemented inside of bedding industry products in the form of powder so today we offer endless possibilities to upgrade products and move the industry forward,” she noted.

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