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Home & Textiles Today and Oeko-Tex to present webinar on sustainability in home textiles

Dr Sam Moore, of Oeko-Tex, will make the business case for advancing sustainability in the home textiles market.

28th April 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Greensboro, NC

Sustainable, Interiors

Dr Sam Moore, of Oeko-Tex, will make the business case for advancing sustainability in the home textiles market and implementing rigid sustainability accounting methods to measure and report compliance, both internally and externally.

Science of sustainability

The science of sustainability has moved well beyond just doing the right thing to requiring measurable actions to meet the growing global demand for high quality products and manufacturing methods that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

Home textile companies with successful sustainability strategies should employ the same accounting principles – transparency, checks and balances, scorecards, and independent auditing – that have long been required for financial reporting.

Transparency and integrity

“Accounting for a company’s sustainability practices should be as rigorous as accounting for its money,” commented Dr Moore. “Independent, third party audits, certifications, and external oversight add immeasurable transparency and integrity to sustainability initiatives just as they do to financial reporting.”

An expert in green textile chemistry and production, Dr Moore will present the Oeko-Tex tools and services available to assist home textile manufacturers, brands, and retailers with comprehensive management and credible reporting of complex sustainability initiatives, especially in light of evolving global regulations and growing consumer and industry demands.

Oeko-Tex offers a portfolio of assessments and certifications that covers all key areas of concern and provides modern software tools to help companies more easily manage and document their global sustainability strategies.

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