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J-Teck3 to showcase its new textile pigment range at FESPA 2017

J-Tex are water based pigment inks designed to work in printers with piezo-electric printheads.

5th May 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Albese con Cassano

Interiors, Clothing/​Footwear

J-Teck3, a supplier of high quality sublimation and disperse digital inks for transfer and direct printing on polyester, will launch its new series of Digital Textile Pigment inks for Epson and Kyocera printheads at Fespa 2017, which takes place next week.

“The event is the perfect occasion to present our newly developed J-Tex pigment textile series,” commented Italo Mariani, Sales Director of J-Teck3 Brand. “We have been working on this project for a long time and we are now proud to launch two product lines, one for Epson and one for Kyocera print head technology, which complete our range of quality products for the digital textile market.”

J-Tex are water based pigment inks designed to work in printers with piezo-electric printheads. They are available in two different versions: J-Tex P-E, fully compatible with Epson printheads, and J-Tex P-K, fully compatible with Kyocera printheads.

J-Tex pigment inks

Designed for direct printing on a variety of fabrics including cotton, cotton/poly blends, synthetic fabrics and viscose, they can be used in many applications, the company reports. The most common applications are fabrics for fashion and home furnishings (cloths, sofa covering, cushions, curtains), according to the manufacturer.

J-Tex Pigments are manufactured in nine vibrant colours containing a specific binder which is said to enable supreme printability, excellent wash and rub fastness. The use of a specific pre-treatment will increase the printing results allowing for more brilliant colours, higher definition and utmost adhesion to the fabric, the company explains.

“We're very excited about our new J-Tex Pigments; they are the result of J-Teck 3’s steady attention to the evolution of digital printing to meet the growing demands of the textile market,” said Luca Guggiari, J-Teck 3 brand R&D manager.

Other products

Other J-Teck3 solutions for sublimation and direct printing on polyester will also be on display. These include J-Cube, dedicated to industrial printers equipped with Kyocera, Ricoh, Panasonic and Konica Minolta printheads.

J-Next Subly, suitable for Epson DX6 and DX7 printheads, are available in a variety of shades to satisfy the many different requirements of the digital printing market. J-Lux is the speciality sublimation ink for Epson and Kyocera printheads, with high light fastness, dedicated to applications requiring a very high resistance to light exposure.

J-Eco Subly Nano, the evergreen J-Teck ink, has been developed to allow reliable print with high quality performances. Finally, J-Eco Print Nano HF disperse ink for direct printing, is to be used on Epson printers. It is said to offer bright colours with high fastness quality for printing polyester fabrics in fashion and home decoration applications.

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