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London Luxury and Nanobionic to bring FIR technology to retail

Exclusive partnership combines FDA determined general wellness technology with home textiles to enhance recovery and promote restful sleep.

16th September 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  New York, NY

Medical/Hygiene, Interiors

Nanobionic is a patented technology for fabric applications that uses far-infrared (FIR) technology to recycle and enhance your body's energy in a scientifically proven way to stimulate local blood flow resulting in better sleep and enhanced recovery, according to the group.

London Luxury will bring this technology to all fabrics, including 100% cotton, resulting in comfortable sheets, pillows, mattress pads, mattress toppers and many other products. This wellness technology fits perfectly with London Luxury's mission to manufacture premium solution-based products. The company says it is proud of its partnerships with major retailers, as well as its world-class brands, which include Columbia Sportswear, Brookstone, Claritin and more.

“The opportunity to improve consumers' lives through the products they use every day is a real game-changer. In our 24 hour a day go-go world, we need every health benefit we can possibly get. Nanobionic bedding is a must have, as improving your energy while you sleep is the future. Who wouldn’t want to improve their energy and wellness while they sleep?” said Marc Jason, London Luxury Founder and CEO.

Activated by your body heat, Nanobionic, an FDA determined general wellness product, recycles and enhances your body's energy, making it a natural fit for sheets, pillows, comforters, slippers, robes, and more. When Nanobionic technology comes in close contact with the human body, it is said to stimulate local blood flow, enhance faster recovery, increase general wellness of being and promote restful sleep.  London Luxury will integrate this technology into the breadth of its solution-based home product designs.

“Nanobionic wellness benefits are beyond comparison and London Luxury is the perfect partner to ensure best-in-class craftsmanship that will bring our technology to millions of consumers,” said George Psipsikas, Nanobionic Group’s founder and CEO. “Nanobionic has received many international and European awards and is actively used by world-class athletes who have reported improved energy and performance, as well as faster recovery. We will bring the home and wellness sectors together to further realize the enormous potential of Nanobionic technology.”

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