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Meridian brings wool carpet yarn production back to North America

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group has begun production of wool and wool/polyester blend carpet yarns at the company’s newly expanded Ranlo, NC, plant.

26th October 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Valdese, NC


This is a new product line for MSYG, and also represents the return of wool carpet yarn production to North America, the company reports. The wool yarns produced will serve the high end, tufted and woven carpet and rug markets and will be offered in various blends and colours using naturally coloured wool, along with a complete range of shades of top dyed wool.

Sample yarns were produced earlier this year on the plant’s newly installed preparation, blending, twisting and winding equipment and full wool carpet yarn production began this October 2016 in a newly renovated section of the Ranlo plant. The new wool carpet yarn operation expands the Ranlo plant’s production capacity by an estimated 25%. 

Returning production to US

“All of us at MSYG are excited about the opportunity to bring wool carpet yarn production back to the United States,” said Tim Manson, president of MSYG. “As bulked continuous filament (BCF) yarns came to dominate the carpet yarn supply chain, long staple spinning capacity for wool yarns in North America began to disappear and ultimately exited the market, leaving imported yarns as the sole supply.”

Manson added that the new carpet yarn business unit is a natural extension of the company’s experience and technology at the Ranlo plant, where MSYG already supplies yarns for other markets.

“By having a segregated unit set up solely for carpet yarn production, we believe we can fill a void left in the domestic market,” Manson said. “When coupled with the top dyeing and yarn printing capabilities at our Valdese wet processing facility, we are adding a new dimension to this product line with top dyed solid shades, blended heathers, marled yarns and other colour effects.”

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group is the leading specialty yarn manufacturer in the US. At the company’s wet processing plant in Valdese, NC, Meridian offers package dyed yarn, space dyed yarn, top dyed wool, yarn printing and twisting.

MSYG has been spinning and twisting coarse count, long staple yarns in wool and other fibres for many years at its Ranlo, NC plant, serving upholstery, hosiery, craft and apparel markets.

The Ranlo operation has numerous yarn formation capabilities including ring spinning and twisting, hollow spindle, Taslan, Dima air injection yarns, fancy twist and self- twist. Fibres processed are wool, wool blends with acrylic or polyester, stretch broken producer dyed acrylic, and olefin fibres, among others.

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