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Meridian Specialty Yarn Group invests in latest dyeing technology

The new machinery and supporting technologies will be installed later this year in Meridian’s new manufacturing plant in Valdese, NC, US.

1st June 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Valdese, NC

Interiors, Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

The new machinery and supporting technologies will be installed later this year in Meridian’s new manufacturing plant in Valdese, NC, US. Construction on that facility began this spring and is expected to be complete by the first quarter 2017.

Meridian’s multi-million-dollar purchase represents one of the first major investments in state-of-the-art package, top and tow dyeing equipment in North America and the company hopes it can help position MSYG as North America’s most modern manufacturing operation with regard to dyeing technology and robotic support equipment.

Major investment

The purchase includes state-of-the-art dye equipment by Galvanin, S.p.A. of Vicenza, Italy; a patented automatic dosing system for dispensing chemicals and auxiliaries from Color Service Dosing Technologies of Dueville VI, Italy; and new monitoring and control systems for all of the new dyeing equipment from Adaptive Controls of Huntersville, NC, US. MSYG is also installing a new Galvanin skein printing machine along with support equipment.

According to the manufacturer, the new machinery and equipment will increase its production capabilities to 16 million pounds of yarn per year (based on a five-day week) and expand the markets Meridian can serve.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen as the supplier for all of the package, tow, tops and hank dyeing machinery for this important project and it is a pleasure to work with such an experienced team of professionals as that at Meridian,” said Marcello Galvanin, president of Galvanin S.p.A. “We look forward to seeing this project through and see it as a showcase for next generation yarn dyeing operations.”

Machinery and equipment

The package dye machines are vertical, air pad, low liquor machines, which will dye all substrates of yarn and replace all of MSYG’s existing package dye equipment. The new low liquor dye machines will be used to process cotton, rayon, wool, spun and textured polyester and other fibres.

The equipment is expected to improve production speeds and all quality aspects of dyeing while at the same time significantly reducing energy, water and chemical consumption.

The new acrylic tow dyeing capabilities will support the raw material needs at MSYG’s plant in Ranlo, NC, US. The skein printed yarns will go into craft yarns, apparel products and some home furnishings. The top dyed wool capability will support worsted spinners supplying high-end apparel, hosiery and home furnishings.

Processing capabilities

“Our new technology gives us the capability to process every dyeable substrate, which is very unusual in the dyed yarn world,” said Tim Manson, president of MSYG. “Most dye houses specialize in certain products, but we will be in a position to source from all over the world, from every type of textile fibre, supporting a wide array of end uses.”

Manson added that he and his management team conducted extensive research before making the decision to invest in Galvanin machines and robotics, automatic dosing systems from Color Service Dosing Technologies and monitoring and control systems from Adaptive Controls.

“They are all highly respected,” he said. This investment in state-of-the-art technologies opens many possibilities for both Meridian Specialty Yarns Group and the textile industry’s US supply chain,” he added.  “This is the dye house technology of the future and we are delighted to be at the forefront of bringing this new technology to North America in such a comprehensive manner.”

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