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New hospitality modular carpet collection invites designers to create unique identities for interiors

Identity One from Milliken Finds Inspiration in Markers of Human Identity

27th May 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Startanburg, SC


The similarities and subtle differences of the human form are explored in the Identity One collection introduced by Milliken’s global floor covering division, inspiring designers to create interior environments that carry their own unique identity. 

“Human beings are essentially 99.9 percent the same; only a small margin distinguishes us from one another. But in the remaining 0.1 percent, 3 million differences exist between the DNA of two individuals. This minimal percent matters,” Milliken explains.

“The Identity One collection from Milliken explores the dichotomy between our true similarities and how subtle differences impel us to create and form a unique identity – and therefore, a unique space.”

Two design series highlight marked features of the human form – the fingerprint and facial profile.

  • Latent illustrates the distinct curve of line and fine texture created by the human fingerprint. Though unique to each individual, if not carefully examined, this inherent trait can easily appear the same.

With Latent, explore various scales, textures and colours: all interchangeable to create many combinations and possibilities within each design. Innovative in its ability to allow ultimate control of size, symmetry, texture, colour and placement, designers can create multiple products using derivatives from the continuously repeating design. It speeds up the design process and gives creative freedom to designers.

  • Profiles reveals similarities found in the facial profile when scaled back to the simplest shape and outline. The distance between eyes, size of a nose, and shape of lips – all of which ultimately contribute to an identity. In the abstract adaptation of a facial profile, the designs’ varying curvilinear approach, which is more or less exaggerated, hopes to represent the diversity of each human identity.

A combination of large and small scales, and the ability to create tonal gradients with bold and subtle colours, offers incredible design flexibility within a standard collection.

Identity One, Latent Code in Neutral with Red

Innovative kit of parts format enables unique interior identities to be born

Milliken’s expertise in modular carpet provides a unique approach to scale, colour spectrum and custom carpeting from a standard kit of design components.

Within Identity One, designers can interchange and incorporate multiple product features - colour, scale, texture and sequence - to create unique and identifiable floor coverings.

  • Colour – Begin with a neutral palette and incorporate a single or multiple accent colours to redefine the floor.
  • Scale – Choose from two scales to accommodate the specific scale a space requires, or use both for distinctly interesting effects.
  • Texture – Add one of two near-solid textures – Code and Imprint - to any colour combination for subtlety or contrast. In addition to enhancing long-term performance, the feature also introduces a tool for creative space planning when used as out fill, inserts and border effects.
  • Sequence – Control layouts with creative space planning and large-scale precision designs in modular carpet. A defining factor of identity, sequence matters.

“As with human beings, spaces carry an identity. The subtle differences are what make it memorable and identifiable,” shares Tracy Francis, customer experience manager for Milliken’s hospitality market initiatives. “Although the initial designs within Identity One are the same, how a designer manipulates various features will determine how identifiable a space becomes for them, the client and guests who inhabit the space.”

Sustainable full-range floor covering solution

Identity One is created using Milliken’s patented printing technology, which offers the highest resolution and largest colour box in the industry. Notably, the collection is designed to coordinate with Milliken solution-dyed nylon rooms carpet for a full-range product offering for a single design concept or idea.

Available in modular carpet, Identity One is carbon-neutral, PVC-free and manufactured by Milliken, a carbon-negative family of companies certified by the Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener® program. Additionally, the collection carries an Environmental Product Declaration, Declare label – Red List Compliant and contributes to LEED and other green building certifications.

“This year, Milliken & Company celebrates 150 years of innovating with a purpose – the purpose to ‘do good’ in the world. The company’s history of environmental stewardship, collaboration and unifying spirit is ever present in the innovations brought to market that continue to improve and enhance lives for customers, communities and the world in which we live,” the company concludes.

“Milliken has a rich history of delivering innovative broadloom and modular carpet collections from its award-winning global design studios, research centre and manufacturing facilities. Milliken’s purposeful and progressive flooring products offer great design solutions built from unique insights and an exceptional array of technical capabilities.”


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