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Santex presents new products division focused on nonwovens solutions

The company’s new name, Santex Rimar Group, brings together the Swiss tradition of Santex and the Italian foresight, which comes from Rimar.

4th May 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Trissino

Industrial, Medical/Hygiene, Sustainable, Interiors

The company aims to provide a continuous global growth and innovative product development in textile finishing, nonwovens and technical textiles.

New capabilities

The company’s new name, Santex Rimar Group, brings together the Swiss tradition of Santex, a leader in the textile finishing sector, and the Italian foresight, which comes directly from Rimar, a producer of nonwovens solutions, founded by Giannino Marzotto in 1964 as the research and development department of textile manufacturer Marzotto Group.

The group’s long experience in the nonwovens sector is now being utilised to fulfil the increasing demand for efficiency and productivity. The company says that its oven technology in the thermo-bonding process still plays an important role for different and flexible applications, including home textiles, hygiene, medical and industrial products. Santex Rimar Group can be used in combination with the Santashrink dryer for textile finishing under the Santex brand.

Santatherm thermo bonding oven

The new Santatherm thermo bonding oven uses the so-called forced-through-air-mode, which is well established in Santashrink dryers. The air reaches a velocity of up to 40 m/s at the nozzle exit. The heat is transferred to the product surface in an even and effective manner.

All kind of fibres can be processed independent from the webforming process, according to the manufacturer. The airflow is adjusted perfectly depending on the actual product with a special flap and nozzle system.

A user-friendly control system is designed to allow the selection of the airflow parameters, such as direction and kind of airflow. The most important quality feature of the new Santatherm is the uniform quality of the final product on both surfaces, the company reports.

High productivity

Efficient heat transfer and temperature stability are said to result in a high productivity, according to the company. Due to the modular design, the machine is very compact, which is said to help enable a fast installation and easy maintenance.

As a result, maintenance and service costs are low, Santex reports. The company adds that its Santatherm thermo bonding oven can be combined with the Santabond smoothing and calibrating calendar.

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