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Celebrating 25 years of creora at Interfilière

Ria Stern, Global Marketing and Brand Director of Hyosung, explained how the brand managed to leverage its growth in the last 25 years.

7th July 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Seoul


Ria Stern, Global Marketing and Brand Director of Hyosung Corporation. © Hyosung CorporationHyosung, the leading spandex producer, is celebrating the 25-year anniversary of its leading creora brand.

In Paris, this weekend, the brand will be presenting its latest product developments and innovations at the summer edition of Interfilière, the leading international show for intimates, swimwear and performance sourcing and fabrics, which will take place from 8-10 July.

Hyosung Corporation is one of Korea’s leading multinational conglomerates, with annual worldwide sales of more than US$ 8.7 billion. Hyosung maintains a global network of more than 73 subsidiaries and international branch offices around the globe. Hyosung first developed its own process for manufacturing spandex in 1992 and in 25 years, claims to have grown to be the largest spandex producer in the world with plants in Korea, China, Vietnam, Turkey and Brazil. creora is the company’s leading spandex/elastane supplier.

Ria Stern, Global Marketing and Brand Director of Hyosung Corporation, explained how the brand managed to leverage its growth in the last 25 years. Formerly working at Invista as Marketing and Marketing Communications Director, Ria Stern has been the Hyosung Global Marketing and Brand Director since joining the company in 2005. As part of the global team, she’s developed a global brand positioning platform, new logo, tag line, and new advertising campaigns, defined and developed new products, and implemented marketing plans to create demand.

This year marks 25 years of creora in the textiles and apparel industries. How did it all start and how did creora become a world leading brand?

Ria Stern: Hyosung has a long history in the textiles business, as we started in nylon in the late 60's and polyester in the 70's. Spandex was the next evolution of this investment in the textiles industry. We started in 1992 with a plant in Korea and we continued to invest as we saw demand in spandex increasing globally.

We invested in China in 2001, then Turkey and Vietnam in 2007 and Brazil in 2011. At the beginning of this year, we started our fourth plant in China, located in Quzhou, and this confirms our long-term commitment to the textiles industry. Actually, we are the global leader in spandex production.

Where will the growth come from in the elastane business in the next five years in terms of applications and from a geographical perspective? 

RS: Over the next five years, we see spandex continuing to grow in diapers, sportswear, outwear, and woven ready-to-wear/denim. We also see potential in more traditional areas, such as intimates and swimwear, as there continues to be growth in these categories from immerging countries like India and China.

As there is continued emphasis on speed to market and quick response, we see growth in demand for spandex closer to consumption.

You are celebrating your 25th anniversary at Interfilière in Paris this weekend - what are the crier highlights at the show? 

RS: We will highlight creora fresh odour neutralising spandex for intimate and sports cross over. We will also promote our new creora lasting fusible spandex technology for hosiery applications.

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