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IQ-SPS and CREALET to present their expertise at Techtextil 2017

According to CREALET, the two companies have the necessary know-how to modernise or overhaul weaving machines.

27th March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Eschenbach


IQ-SPS, a German wide weaving machines manufacturer, and CREALET AG, a Swiss developer of electronically controlled warp feed systems for weaving machines, will present their synergy in terms of products, services and market position at the Techtextil trade fair that takes place from 9-12 May in Frankfurt.

According to CREALET, the two companies have the necessary know-how to modernise or overhaul weaving machines. “The engineering department is constantly creating innovative products in the field of electronically warp feeding from beams or weaving creels for existing or new wide and narrow weaving machines as well as warp knitting machines,” the company explains. Special developments were even realized in the feeding of carbon fibres.

Upgrading machines

The core business of both companies is the upgrading or overhauling of weaving machines. IQ-SPS and CREALET bring their expertise on adapting and upgrading machines and their warp control systems to Techtextil so that customers get a customised application specific machine.

Selvedge thread let-off. © CREALET AG

“Upgrading of existing machines or the purchase of used machines does not mean a sacrifice on quality. Quite the opposite: used and generally overhauled machines are often of higher quality and not so prone to breakdown as new models,” the company reports.

The know-how of the two companies is said to ensure high-quality solutions and added value for customers, which is required for success in this highly competitive market.


CREALET, of Switzerland, was founded in 2003, with the aim of developing electronically controlled warp feed systems for weaving machines. The company has established itself as a market leader in this area. The company has a product range that is precisely oriented to the requirements of customers and the high demands of the market.

Special weaving machine, wdth 8.50m. © IQ-SPS

The company’s products include electronic warp let-off and article pull-off devices; high-position warp beams for single and half width warp beams; warp beam stands for one or more warp beams; yarn feeding devices for weaving from creel; electronic selvedge thread let-off; and batching motion for tyre cord fabric.

IQ-SPS GmbH, Germany, was founded in 2010 with the aspiration of offering customised heavy and wide weaving machines. With its products and services, the company orients itself to the customer needs of technical weavers. Its product range includes wide weaving machines, up to 12m fabric width; robust weaving machines up to 15,000 n warp tension p/m of fabric; modernisations on all types of weaving machines; refurbishing (e.g. after fire damage); services (trainings, technical textile consultation, machine inspections); and spare parts service.

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