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ISPO recognition for Biofeel Eleven

Indian castor bean yields a special oil that is being effectively turned into biopolymers.

28th November 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Munich

Sports/​Outdoor, Transport/​Aerospace, Clothing/​Footwear

RadiciGroup’s has received the ISPO Textrends Award in the Fibres and Insulation category for its Biofeel Eleven yarn, which is made from a small and inedible castor bean grown in India.

The bean is grown in semi-arid soils that are not competitive with food production and is perennially flowering. It yields a special oil that is rich in ricinolein and is said to be ideal for turning into biopolymers that are then spun into the yarn by RadiciGroup in Italy. The remaining cake from the beans is used as a bio-fertilizer.

Biofeel Eleven yarn is characterised by good dimensional stability due to its low water absorption and the low-density polymer enables the production of light weight fabrics. In addition, it exhibits strong resistance to permanent deformation under bending, lateral stress and strain, and is both durable and comfortable to the touch and the skin,

Radici envisages applications for the yarn in sportswear, intimate wear, accessories, furniture and even automotive interiors.

The award was presented to Radici at the ISPO sports fair held in Munich from November 28-30.

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