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ISPO Textrends 2021

ISPO Textrends confirms sustainability inclusive and not the exception, as awardees of ISPO Textrends define the full scope of sustainable attributes.

18th January 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Munich, Germany


Even in the strangest times, new opportunities arise, and the performance textile and trim sector is no different, reports leading outdoor show ISPO. Resilient to the adverse events of 2020, the industry has emerged victorious with a host of new developments for Fall/Winter 22/23, the Munich based organisation says.

6 key drivers define Fall/Winter 22/23 ingredients at ISPO Textrends.

Sustainability without neglecting high tech performance

From recycled yarns to water reduction, and energy processes, recyclable fabrics and trims, the entire check list of sustainable solutions featured, most importantly with performance. The roadmap is clear, sustainability and high-tech functionality have fused in creating a cleaner tomorrow.

Dyeing & Finishing

A huge push in dyeing and finishing is a notable area with dope dye and eco- friendly chemicals amongst some of the products featured in the newly created sector: Performance Finish. This is a growth are, especially with protective finishes coming though.

Creativity challenges trying times

Chaotic and calm surfaces contrast and collide in creating rhythmic energy. It is clear, that despite last year’s disruption, creativity wasn’t hampered. It has surged, teamed with innovation, textile development and creativity weren’t assigned to the back burner, in contrast they are shining through.

Biodegradable and compostable ingredients on the rise

Bio-synthetic, biodegradable and compostable fabrics and trims are starting to emerge as serious contenders for performance. A look to higher functionality and new conventional/bio blends feature, not just confined to textiles and insulation but in trims and accessories too.

Best Products for the Fall/Winter 22/23 season. © ISPO.

Full Circle

Circular economy continues by many to be seen as the saving grace of the future, and developments continue to grow, as waste free cycle is the desired result. From a recycling point of view, there is an increase in mono filament fabrics, which make end of life disposal easier than multi filaments. Brand developers are looking, not just how they want to design a product, but also how the product can be returned to the circle of the supply chain, affecting their sourcing choices.

Naturals go it alone

Once the blending partner of synthetics, that gave them a boost into the performance market, Classic natural fibres including cashmere, merino wool and cotton are now doing it for themselves in pure compositions or natural blends, or with added performance through finishes. Man-made cellulosic developments are surging ahead, proving they too have a place in the sport and outdoor market. Paper, abaca, algae and cork are just a few of the new natural ingredients beginning to make a mark.

Bringing traditional tactility to your desk

From the traditional real time tactility and buzz of the ISPO Textrends Hub to efficiency in receiving the sample, digital sourcing is the way forward. Whilst we can’t attend, we can experience an efficient way of seeing all the products for Fall/Winter 22/23 in high-definition photos as well as being able to directly connect with mills for samples through the new digital Trendbook.

An essential sourcing tool, the digitization of ISPO Textrends will allow a near- traditional sourcing experience in your own personal zone. Easy to search what you are looking for or just browsing the new developments, the ISPO Textrends digital trend book is a must-have.

The digital Trendbook will be available for download from end of January via

List of Awardees for ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 22/23

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