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James Heal launches new Universal Strength Tester

Titan10 is said to offer laboratories faster, smarter testing with accurate, reliable and reproducible results.

23rd November 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Halifax

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear, Medical/Hygiene

Titan10 is said to offer laboratories faster, smarter testing with accurate, reliable and reproducible results. A 10kN capacity for testing means that, along with apparel and nonwoven products, users will be able to test much stronger goods, such as straps, belts, cords, shoe components, luggage, technical textiles and industrial type materials, the company explains.

The dual column, crosshead design is said to allow for testing of larger samples across a full range of tests including tension, compression, stretch and recovery, tear, peel, adhesion peels and more. “A hand-held controller, automated test set up and a wide range of interchangeable tools make Titan10 an ideal choice for busy laboratories,” the manufacturer reports.

TestWise software

Both Titan10 and Titan5, the 5kN tester from the Titan range, work in partnership with TestWise software. This is a clean, simple user interface with a bank of 500 pre-loaded standards including ASTM, ISO, JIS, M&S, Next, and more.

“With TestWise 2017, our Textile Technologists and Software Engineers have listened to customer feedback, and worked in collaboration to improve and develop our software to meet the needs of our customers worldwide,” said Peter Goodwin, James Heal’s Head of Technical and Titan Product Manager. “Our goal is to help our customers increase their laboratory's overall operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and most importantly, increase your own customers' satisfaction.”

According to the company, choosing Titan10 gives customers free TechSmart support for the first year, guaranteeing direct access to James Heal’s applications and technical support experts and free annual support upgrades.


Based in the UK, and supported by a global network of agents and distributors in over 60 countries, James Heal is a leading innovator and manufacturer of precision testing instruments, with expertise in materials testing across multiple sectors – from traditional textiles, to emerging sub-sectors of technical textiles.

Outside of textiles, the company’s products have been used to test materials, such as rubber, within the automotive industry; to more diverse items such as wooden flooring. The company comprises of three core divisions offering customers a complete service: Testing Instruments, Test Materials, and Service and Calibration.

James Heal’s International Sales Managers and Textile Technologists are inviting visitors to the ShanghaiTex exhibition to see the new development in strength testing, which will be exhibited alongside a range of other instruments.

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