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Japanese manufacturer partners AMAC for European expansion

The established, family-owned MaruHachi Group has a strong history in automotive and medical textiles.

4th July 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Aachen/Fukui


The Japan-based thermoplastic composites material developer and manufacturer MaruHachi Group expands its activities into the European market in cooperation with Dr Michael Effing, AMAC GmbH, who will advise and support the company strategically. AMAC GmbH is an industrial and business consulting company in the field of lightweight construction materials based in Aachen, Germany.

The established, family-owned MaruHachi Group has a strong history in automotive and medical textiles and has been active in the innovative composites market for more than 10 years. The aim of the cooperation between MaruHachi and AMAC is the strategic development of new business opportunities in Europe, particularly for applications in the field of sports and leisure, consumer goods, electronics and electricity, building and infrastructure as well as transportation like aviation, automotive and train sector.

Toshi Sugahara and Dr Michael Effing in Aachen at the kick-off meeting for the strategic partnership. © AMAC GmbH

“We believe that the cooperation with AMAC will show good results in the establishment of our European presence. We are happy to benefit from Dr Effing´s long-term experience as a pioneer in the composites industry, developing TEPEX thermoplastic composites sheets at DuPont in the 1990s and his high-quality network,” said Toshi Sugahara, General Manager of MaruHachi. “With our products, we want to contribute to significant weight reductions of the final product, thus improve energy efficiency while offering a cost-efficient and high-quality solution.”

“MaruHachi is a specialty manufacturer of small-size tailor-made thermoplastic composite components in form of tapes and so-called organo-sheets, who develops products using various polymer types, ranging from polypropylene to high temperature PEEK and the traditional fibre systems of glass, carbon and aramids,” said Dr Effing, CEO of AMAC GmbH.

Factory MaruHachi. © AMAC GmbH

“I am very pleased to support and advise MaruHachi with the introduction to the highly innovative and most advanced European thermoplastic composites sector. Especially MaruHachi´s products like tapes, sheets and near-net shaped preforms represent an interesting category of material systems and semi-finished products with higher performance, tailored and optimized for any new applications.”

MaruHachi is partner of the AZL in Aachen and participates in the AZL thermoplastic business platform, together with 17 other partners, like Cato, DSM, DuPont, Evonik, HELM or Schuler, to name a few.

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