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14th February 2017, Paris

JEC Group puts entrepreneurship on the front scene

The programme gives visibility to the innovation of composite start-ups around the world towards international investors and the entire value chain. JEC Group launches Startup Booster, a programme designed to support and accompany innovations and entrepreneurship in composites used in fields like aeronautics, automotive, construction, medical, design, sports and leisure, a dynamic and growing market that is expected to reach US$ 90 billion in value by 2020.

In a competitive world, composite materials play an important role by providing many elements of differentiation, because they integrate many functions impacting significantly and positively the environment, the intrinsic quality of the products and the industrial costs.

The Startup Booster programme is at the centre of JEC Group's strategy for innovation and visibility towards investors. “JEC Group promotes the use of composites to all manufacturers and end-users. With this programme, we spot and support composites innovation,” explained Anne-Manuèle Hébert, Director of JEC World and JEC Group's Shows in Europe.

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