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Karl Mayer revamps technology for producing sacks

As the most important element, the double-bar raschel machine has been equipped with an EL pattern drive.

22nd November 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Obertshausen


An FTL unit is located at the beginning of the processing chain for producing sacks. This element in the production line has a cutting bar for cutting a double-layered, primary polyolefin film into tape yams and drawing them in a heating zone to produce monoaxial flat film yarns. These yarns are delivered to the Double-bar raschel machine, in depending of the demand.

The needs-based delivery of the tape yarns is a decisive factor for online process control, just as is the exact harmonisation of the machine technology as a whole. “With this non-stop sequence, everything must function perfectly, and all the components have to be in perfect harmony, rather like an orchestra,” said Rainer Baier, a product developer, at the machine presentation.

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