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Kelheim Fibres celebrates 4,000,000 tonnes of viscose fibres

Kelheim Fibres is one of the leading producers of viscose speciality fibres.

10th April 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Kelheim

Medical/Hygiene, Clothing/​Footwear

Kelheim Fibres, a speciality fibres manufacturer, produced the company’s 4,000,000th tonne of viscose fibres on 9 April. The “jubilee tonne” was produced on line 2 and is a Galaxy fibre.

“This speciality fibre is made for the tampon industry, one of the most important pillars of our business. This fibre combines our strengths: unique and patented fibre properties meet production conditions that fulfil the strict hygiene requirements of this sensitive final product. It’s not by chance that we have established a world-leading position in this area,” commented Production Manager Konrad Brunner.

Production Manager Konrad Brunner (on the right) and a part of his team present the 4,000,000th tonne of viscose fibres from Kelheim. © Kelheim Fibres

“Considering that about 5,000 shirts or even 500,000 tampons can be produced from one tonne of viscose fibres alone, we can get an idea of how many people all over the world have come into contact with viscose fibres from Kelheim.”

Kelheim Fibres is one of the leading producers of viscose speciality fibres. The company is focused on developing innovative products, flexible technologies and strong customer orientation, as well as active environmental protection.

From the company’s production plant and headquarters, located in Kelheim in Southern Germany, its viscose fibre products are used in widely diverse applications ranging from fashion, hygiene and medical products, to the nonwovens industry. Approximately 90,000 tonnes of viscose fibres are produced and tested every year at Kelheim in South Germany.

“Of course, there are bigger viscose fibre plants than ours. Plants that can produce the same amount of fibres in less time. But there is no one else who is able to put more than 80 years of experience in every single one of their fibres,” said CEO Craig Barker.

“At Kelheim, there are families working in the third or even fourth generation for our company. Their loyalty as well as their engagement and know-how are the cornerstone of our success: Our employees, together with our consistent innovation strategy and our small and flexible production lines, make us the world’s leading manufacturer of viscose speciality fibres. To further reinforce that position is our goal for the next million tons of viscose fibres and beyond.”


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