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Klopman celebrates 50 years

Now the company aims to grow further with a EUR 15 million development plan for the next five years.

6th April 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Frosinone

Industrial, Transport/​Aerospace, Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

Klopman, a European leader in workwear fabrics and one of the major manufacturing companies in central Italy, is celebrating 50 years of activity. Last year, the company produced 40 million metres of fabric, a distance equivalent to the earth's circumference, and reached more than EUR 120 million in turnover.

Klopman's history began in 1967 when the US fabrics businessman Bill Klopman developed the first polyester and cotton blend fabric for workwear to be industrially washed. After laboratory testing, the blend combination was obtained: 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is very much in use today.

Acquired in December 2016 by the French textile company TDV, Klopman had already embarked upon a global expansion plan in 2014 with the opening of a production site in Jakarta to serve the Asian market directly. Now the company aims to grow further with a EUR 15 million development plan for the next five years.

Klopman's fabric

Hailed since its inception by the US Laundry Association, Bill Klopman's fabric has been continuously improved over the years and the production plant in Frosinone now has some of the world's most advanced weaving systems. The company also boasts the most important quality certifications available, with over 4,000 process controls taking about two seconds to verify all parameters, based on a sophisticated electronic mapping system, the manufacturer reports.

From the automotive industry to healthcare to the armed forces, a large number of companies use Klopman fabrics, which are available in over 130 different styles, designed exclusively according to customers’ needs.

Klopman International s.r.l. has been a European leader in the production and marketing of technical fabrics for workwear for 50 years. © Klopman

Klopman’s Research & Development department has now developed a new range of flame-retardant fabrics – K-Flame – designed to guarantee the utmost protection from heat, flame and welding, as well as offering antistatic and electric arc protection.

Important milestone

“50 years is a very important milestone for a company and Klopman is celebrating its anniversary in good shape, ready to achieve other important goals thanks to human skill and technical assets possessed by very few in the world," said Alfonso Marra, Klopman's CEO.

"Our company represents excellence in the Italian manufacturing industry and operates worldwide. Our intention is that our headquarters in Frosinone, Italy, become more and more an economic and social reference point. Klopman's example demonstrates that attention to its own people and to customers, together with constant innovation in terms of processes and products, is the best way to approach an increasingly competitive and globalised market.”

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