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Lenzing introduces new Veocel brand

The highly absorbent and eco-responsible fibre is specialised for hard surface cleaning and disinfectant wet wipes.

5th June 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Chicago, IL


The highly absorbent and eco-responsible fibre is specialised for hard surface cleaning and disinfectant wet wipes.The Lenzing Group is introducing Veocel, the company’s new nonwoven specialty brand, which provides the nonwovens industry with fibres that are certified clean and safe, biodegradable, from botanic origin and produced in an environmentally responsible production process, at World of Wipes (WOW) Chicago, next month.

Veocel brand cover a broad range of applications for everyday use, from baby care, beauty and body care to intimate care and surface cleaning. Such applications are categorised under branded offers Veocel Beauty, Veocel Body, Veocel Intimate and Veocel Surface.

The introduction of Veocel is a key milestone of Lenzing’s new brand strategy to transform from a business-to-business (B2B) fibre producer to a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) brand. Coupled with ongoing co-branding, joint marketing and brand education initiatives conducted with customers and brands globally, Veocel will enable Lenzing to shift its focus beyond fibre types to product application and build a relatable and emotional connection with consumers.

Botanic origin

Veocel fibre portfolio includes Veocel Lyocell and Veocel Specialty Viscose fibres, which are derived from renewable or sustainable wood sources from certified and controlled forests and plantations. The botanic origin of the fibres offers functional benefits such as improved moisture absorbency and management, contribution to breathability, good hand feel, blending versatility, and all Veocel fibres are certified biodegradable in soil, landfill, compost and seawater.

“Guided by our sCore TEN strategy, the launch of the Veocel brand will accelerate our migration into a specialty fibre business with a strong focus on innovation, quality and sustainability,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing Group.

“Through ongoing proactive communication, the Veocel brand will also promote a holistic understanding about the benefits of botanic fibres in nonwoven products across the industry value chain and among consumers. This will not only help to maximize the marketing efforts of our customers and partners, but also drive dialogue about sustainability across the nonwoven industry. Through the Veocel brand, we hope to address the growing demand for transparency and sustainability across the value chain and provide consumers with greener product options.”

Veocel Lyocell Fibre with Quat Release technology

The latest addition to the Veocel Surface brand – the Veocel Lyocell Fibre with Quat Release technology, is a premium and specialty wood-based cellulose fibre that is used in hard surface cleaning and disinfectant wet wipes. Veocel Lyocell fibres with Lenzing’s Quat Release technology allow quaternary ammonium compounds, also known as “Quat”, to be released from wet wipes onto the surface for effective cleaning and disinfecting in household and industrial environments.

“The launch of the Veocel Lyocell Fibre with Quat Release technology is a significant technological achievement in the wipes industry, which is a testament to Lenzing’s unwavering commitment to ongoing innovation,” said Wolfgang Plasser, Vice President, Global Business Management Nonwoven of Lenzing.

“The nonwoven industry, which consists of mostly single-use products, has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Given sustainability is in our DNA, we are committed to driving sustainable technology innovation in the nonwoven sector by presenting Veocel Lyocell fibres to consumers as biodegradable and compostable fibres. We will continue to deliver products that not only offer functional benefits but are also environmentally responsible and contribute to sustainability and the preservation of our planet.”

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