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Low energy all-weather solution for signage

RGB filter array on electronic paper film has 4,096 colour options.

17th April 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Billerica, MA, USA

Industrial, Sustainable

E Ink, the Billerica, Massachusetts-based pioneer of ePaper technology, is introducing Kaleido 3 Outdoor, a new print-colour ePaper designed specifically for outdoor advertising signage in temperatures ranging from –15°C to 65°C.

It offers dynamic colour display capabilities and poster-like visual quality via an RGB colour filter array on black and white electronic paper film to provide 4,096 colour options, without the need for expensive, high-energy-consuming heating or cooling devices.

Many European countries are facing an energy crisis and new regulations have been put in place to limit the operating hours of digital signage. E Ink Kaleido 3 Outdoor, however, uses very little power and can even run on renewable energy from solar panels.

When used for outdoor information displays, it also allows for quick and easy information updates and is much more functional and environmentally friendly than traditional paper posters and display boards.

“In the global trend towards low-carbon and sustainable digital development, ePaper’s ultra-low power consumption and non-light pollution characteristics make it the best display solution for outdoor advertising signage,” said E-Ink president FY Gan.

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