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10th July 2017, Berlin

Malong Technologies scoops award at G20

Malong Technologies, an artificial intelligence start-up and international provider of product recognition technology, was named winner in the Olympics of Startups held at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance, in Berlin.

Malong Technologies' ProductAI platform is a high performance 'intelligent eye' that enables machines to have human-like visual perception of products, including non-rigid objects such as fashion and fabrics, which have historically been infeasible for computers to recognise accurately without barcodes.


Malong Technologies beat start-ups from every nation at the G20, which represents the 20 major economies of the world. Judged by officials of the European Union and other international organisations, the competition, run by the "Get in the Ring" foundation, led participants through a series of six rounds held over two days, and included 'head-to-head' oratory matchups inside a replica boxing ring.

Malong Technologies was named winner in the Olympics of Startups held at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance. © Malong Technologies

The three winning nations include China, represented by Malong Technologies, Canada, and France. As winners, Malong Technologies will benefit from the international visibility. “We are immensely proud to represent China at the highest level of international competition for emerging companies. It's incredibly rewarding that the judges recognized the potential for ProductAI® to help transform traditional industries around the world by becoming significantly more efficient through AI integration,” said Matthew Scott, Malong Technologies' co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.


Launched in 2016, ProductAI has successfully answered over one billion image requests from users in China, the company reports. It enables retailers and manufacturers in sectors such as fashion, textiles, furniture, wine, stock photography and automotive industries to improve efficiency, product quality and create new value-added features for their customers, according to the manufacturer.

“Its technology offers human-like visual search through 100 million scale product catalogues in less than a second to find items taken from images in the physical world, connecting it to their digital counterparts. The technology, offered as an API or as embedded hardware, can be applied to real-time camera-based retail apps, large-scale product image analysis, microscopic-level product quality detection, and security scenarios such as automatic product detection in baggage scanners,” the company explains.


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