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Archroma heads to Techtextil with sustainable innovations

Archroma offers a wide portfolio of dyes and chemicals aiming to increase sustainability and innovation along the entire value chain.

12th April 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Reinach

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor, Transport/​Aerospace, Medical/Hygiene

Archroma will be at Techtextil 2019 to launch its latest innovations. © Archroma

Archroma, a leader in colour and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, will be at Techtextil next month to launch its latest innovations and system solutions aimed to help textiles manufacturers with optimised productivity and/or value creation in their markets.

Archroma offers a wide portfolio of dyes and chemicals aiming to increase sustainability and innovation along the entire value chain, from fibre to finish. The company is reputed for its continuous flow of innovations, such as the EarthColors range of dyes made from non-edible natural waste from the agricultural and herbal industry, or more recently, the purest indigo, Denisol Pure Indigo, an aniline-free synthetic pre-reduced liquid indigo launched in 2018.

At Techtextil, Archroma will present ten solution systems and four innovations, and will hold an Innovation Session to present the most prominent of those for the first time ever: Appretan NTR, a new nature-based binder. “With Archroma’s wide portfolio, we touch and colour people’s lives every day, everywhere,” commented Nuria Estape, Head of Marketing & Promotion, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Archroma. “The innovations and systems that we present at Techtextil have been developed with that in mind, along the goals of The Archroma way: Safe, efficient, enhanced. We are determined to be transformation leaders in our industry, because it’s our nature.”

Automotive and transportation

Archroma will present two new systems suited to textiles manufacturers serving the automotive and transportation market. Light Fast Car is a system designed to keep fabric colours deep, vibrant and matched day after day. Meanwhile, Safe Seats is a halogen-free flame-retardant coating system for synthetic leather upholstery.

At the exhibition, Archroma will also introduce Fadex AS New, a new “super UV protector” to make automotive and transportation textiles more resistant to light.

Outdoor and activewear

Archroma has developed three new systems designed to add value in outdoor and active wear applications. Color Vibe is a system for nylon sportswear to maintain colour vibrancy, time after time, wash after wash. Fast Sport is a coloration system for polyester knitted sportswear, designed to provide the best fastness in the shortest possible time with a reduced environmental footprint.

Finally, Odor Control is a system for improved material longevity, freshness and wearing comfort due to the lasting dual-action technology of Sanitized Odoractiv 10. Odour-causing bacteria cannot adhere to the textile surface and bad smells are trapped and neutralized; and permastink cannot build-up in your sportswear.

Workwear and uniforms

Archroma’s experts will present four new systems applicable to workwear and uniforms. These include:

  • Bright Dream, a formaldehyde-free system for whiter than white fabrics that require no ironing
  • Power Cotton, a system for comfortable cotton fabrics with more than 5 times higher abrasion resistance
  • Tough Camo, a non-infrared reflective pigment printing system for military wear, with high durability and dramatically reduced water consumption
  • Odour Control

Innovative technologies are used in these systems, such as the newly launched Arkofix NZW, a formaldehyde-free resin for whiter on-iron or easy-to-iron fabrics.


The company has also developed one new system applicable to nonwovens. Filter It Clean is a formaldehyde-free and APEO-free bonding system that is designed to make nonwovens strong and safe even when wet.

Another innovation, shown for the first time at Techtextil, is a new Appretan NTR water-based textile coating binder that rallies renewable natural ingredients for applications such as tea bags and coffee filters or capsules.

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