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Cut-Tex PRO seeks innovative applications

Most recent enquiries have been received from businesses looking to use the fabric for applications outside cut resistant clothing.

21st December 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Knaresborough

Medical/Hygiene, Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

PPSS Group, a UK headquartered specialist in body armour and protective clothing, supports product designers who are looking for new potential applications of its high-performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex PRO.

Since its inception, cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex PRO has been used in slash resistant clothing for law enforcement, security, and prisons and corrections personnel, as well as bite resistant clothing for healthcare professionals. Earlier this year, the company also launched its range of cut resistant clothing for the glass and metal industry: CutPRO. Most recent enquiries, however, have been received from businesses looking to use the fabric for applications outside cut resistant clothing.

“Since the beginning, we have been approached by individuals looking to use Cut-Tex PRO for theft-proof beach bags, travel cases, storage protection, and even animal welfare. Whilst we cannot guarantee effectiveness in all applications without thorough testing, we have been delighted to work with so many innovative thinkers eager to use Cut-Tex PRO as a solution for their product,” said CEO Robert Kaiser.

“The key benefits of our fabric are its versatility and all-round performance. Not only does Cut-Tex PRO offer EN388:2016 Level E cut resistance (ANSI Level 5), unlike alternatives, its protective properties are enhanced by the highest levels of tear and puncture resistance, decreasing the risk of sharp objects penetrating the fabric. It is also washable, lightweight and kind to skin, offering unlimited possibilities for developing new or existing products.”

Cut-Tex-PRO performance chart. © PPSS Group

At pH 6.6, Cut-TexPRO has a pH value similar to that of water (usually between 6.5 and 8.5). This makes it a low risk skin irritation fabric, the company reports. Used in clothing for homeland security, workers in manufacturing, and healthcare professionals, it is said to maintain the skin’s natural balance whilst providing outstanding protection from cuts, slashes, and even human bites.

“We are keen to partner with anyone who shares our excitement for the future of cut resistant fabric, and hope that new and innovative applications will help us to advance the performance and capabilities of Cut-Tex PRO over the coming years,” added Mr Kaiser.

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