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Essential maintenance of meltblown machines

Die bodies can become heavily contaminated, with a negative impact on production rates and material quality.

26th July 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Neum√ľnster, Germany

Medical/Hygiene, Protective

In order to ensure the optimised performance of meltblown nonwovens production machines – and the subsequent quality of the materials – Oerlikon Neumag customer service is providing regular inspection and cleaning of the spinning body, either through a service contract or simply as a service-on-demand.

The demand for disposable facemasks over the past 18 months has resulted in many new players in this field and a surge in new machine installations, since meltblown nonwovens form the critical filtration layer in surgical masks and respirators.

Die body maintenance on meltblown machines can either be carried out at a customer’s site or at the Oerlikon Neumag assembly facilities in Neumünster, Germany.

Professional die body cleaning carried out by the machine builder restores items virtually to their original state.

“During service visits, we repeatedly encounter die bodies that are heavily contaminated or that have been scratched as a result of the  cleaning attempts of customers,” said Michael Schwarz, the company’s technical sales manager. “It is for this reason that we offer die body cleaning as a qualified manufacturer service. We have the experience, know-how and technical capacities to carry out this work both professionally and swiftly.”

Depending on general conditions, professional cleaning takes approximately one week.

“We systematically ensure that system downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum and we are constantly optimising our processes and offerings,” Schwarz said. “We recommend, for example, that customers acquire an additional die body, which they are able to swiftly exchange themselves. The removed die body can then be sent to Neumünster for cleaning, which can be carried out without time constraints. This investment generally pays dividends over several years for customers with high quality demands and for whom on-site cleaning would – due to the distances involved – be too expensive or time-consuming.”

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