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Europe-wide launch of Orizon planned

Smart diaper system determines saturation levels and alerts caregivers to save time and reduce sleep interruptions.

7th June 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Deizisau, Germany


Ontex plans to launch its Orizon digital incontinence management service across Europe in late 2022/early 2023.

The solution contains printed sensors, transmitters clipped onto diapers, as well as a mobile and web application. This combination accurately determines the saturation level of a diaper and alerts caregivers to when it may be necessary to make a change.

The Belgium-headquartered manufacturer of nonwoven-based absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) is well-known for its Serenity and iD incontinence brands which have a strong reputation in European nursing homes.

During February and March of 2022, a field study by Ontex at the Palmscher Garten nursing home in the town of Deizisau, Germany, confirmed similar results to earlier pilot projects with Orizon across Europe.

When trialling Orizon on ten residents at the German nursing home, the time caregivers spent on incontinence care was reduced by a total of 3.2 hours a day, and seven diapers were saved each day. The residents also got at least eight hours of sleep per night because their diapers no longer required checking for saturation. In nursing homes checking residents through the night is a common routine that means many residents are unnecessarily woken and disturbed during their sleep.

“Orizon has enabled residents to live an even more self-determined life and have a more comfortable daily routine,” said Michael Schildt, director of the nursing home. “Especially with incontinence, this is very important for well-being. In addition, colleagues had more time for conversations and encounters – that’s also a big advantage.”

Unlike most Ontex existing incontinence brands and services, Orizon will be based on a monthly fee with the aim of optimising the overall cost of continence care by reducing waste, linen costs and staff time spent on continence care.

Incontinence is a very common condition, especially among the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes. Incontinence is one of the most common conditions in elderly care facilities and one of the most important components of facility care costs. Approximately 80% of nursing home residents suffer from some form of incontinence, according to Ontex nursing home order data.

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