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Global quality standard for the hygiene industry

Reducing supply chain complexity for suppliers and converters who have faced multiple audits.

4th August 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  USA


INDA and EDANA, the leading trade associations representing the nonwovens industry, have joined forces to implement and support the industry’s first quality and audit programme (QAP) for the North American absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) and wet wipes industries.

Much like the harmonisation of test methods between the two associations many years ago, this joint programme has the potential to reduce complexity for both suppliers and converters of AHPs and wipes. It grew from the inefficiency of facing multiple audits from converter supplier audit programmes, often assessing similar requirements, but according to differing standards.

“INDA is pleased to partner with EDANA to promote this programme for the benefit and efficiency of the industry,” said INDA President Tony Fragnito. “With this partnership, we believe QAP will become the global quality standard in the hygiene industry, ensuring that consumer products across the industry are of the highest quality.”

More information is available on the EDANA website where converters and suppliers can register to take part. The programme is based on a harmonised quality and hygiene standard, which facilitates an objective third-party audit. Organisations can also register to follow a training course to familiarize themselves with the standard.

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