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Revitalife claims prestigious NDIS award

A family owned-and-operated Gold Coast medical devices company has claimed Australia’s most prestigious award in the disability care sector.

12th August 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Victoria


Revitalife team photo. © Revitalife

Revitalife team photo. © Revitalife

A family owned-and-operated Gold Coast medical devices company Revitalife has claimed Australia’s most prestigious award in the disability care sector. It took out The Most Outstanding Therapeutic Sleep Systems Provider award in the Disability Services category at the Australian Enablement Awards 2019, which was created by the NDIS Update.

The awards recognise excellence and exemplary achievements in the disability care sector and recognise efforts to advance outcomes for all participants of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), an initiative of the Australian and participating state and territory governments.

Revitalife CEO, Clive van Deventer said the company is committed to developing revolutionary products that improve people’s lifestyle through increased cellular oxygenation, more restful sleep, thermoregulation and quicker recovery.

Innovative technology

“In Australia, we are excited about combining two Class 1 medical devices,” said Mr van Deventer. “Our Revitalife therapeutic adjustable beds and chairs are now exclusively made with Celliant, a revolutionary responsive textile technology, that recycles the body’s energy into Infrared Energy, promoting a temporary increase in local blood flow, circulation and oxygen levels. Celliant is clinically proven to promote a more restful sleep, aid in faster recovery, and help you wake up with more energy.”

“Celliant engineered products are the first of their kind to be designated as medical devices,” said Richard Braham, Celliant Regional Manager. “We believe Celliant is a truly disruptive technology that has transformational applications for textiles and is a natural way to sleep better.”

Revitalife award. © Revitalife

Revitalife award. © Revitalife

Revitalife’s beds and chairs also feature a whole- body vibration function that can be operated by remote, and may assist in muscle, bone and cellular recovery. “Our innovative and state-of-the-art range includes therapeutic sleep systems of adjustable beds and recliner-lift chairs with whole body vibration therapy,” said Mr van Deventer. “We specialise in industry leading therapeutic products for everyone, from elite athletes to senior Australians.”

Emphasis on good night’s sleep

Having extensive experience working with elite athletes, including being a physiotherapist to the Socceroos, and the Sydney 2000 Australian Olympic team, Revitalife health ambassador, Peter Georgilopoulos puts a strong emphasis on a good night’s sleep for repair and recovery.

Conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, swelling in the legs, fluid retention, pain or cramps in the neck, shoulders, knees, calves or hips are just some of the reasons many senior adults consistently suffer insomnia or broken sleep.

According to Georgilopoulos, many seniors also suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, such as emphysema, bronchitis or asthma and find that lying flat impairs their ability to achieve sufficient perfusion or oxygenation. Therefore, sleeping in a slightly upright position is a necessity.

“The value of quality sleep as one of the key drivers in maintaining optimal physical and mental functionality is too often underestimated,” said Mr Georgilopoulos. “There are two aspects to the solution for improved health and function into later years – undertaking regular load-bearing exercise and incorporating sufficient recovery through undisturbed sleep.”

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