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Sandler reports 10% increase in turnover

Sandler, a leading nonwovens manufacturer, has achieved a 10% increase in turnover in 2017, reporting sales of EUR 319 million.

23rd February 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Schwarzenbach an der Saale

Medical/Hygiene, Interiors

Sandler, a leading nonwovens manufacturer has achieved a 10% increase in turnover in 2017, reporting sales of EUR 319 million. Employing a team of 820 staff members, the company continued to expand its international position as a partner of market leaders in construction, engineering, filtration, home textiles, hygiene, transportation and wipes last year.

“In a globally positive economic climate, signs equally pointed towards growth in all business segments supplied by the family-operated nonwovens producer. In 2017, the company continued to advance its markets with nonwoven innovations,” the company reports.

Fibercomfort product line

Nonwovens of the fibercomfort product line are designed to enable product solutions for quiet rooms and technical insulation. Sheet material made from 100% polyester is applied in wall and ceiling systems, partition walls, furniture or as acoustically efficient wall decoration. They dampen the noise level in the room, generating a quiet working atmosphere conducive to concentration.

Sandler supplies these nonwovens in different thicknesses and densities; soft and voluminous or compacted and self-supporting; with an open-pore surface or specially smoothed. Sandler’s customers enhance them with print motifs; lamination; flocking, for instance to create a roughcast look; or enhancement with a coating made of natural materials such as hay or cornflowers to create individual designs.

Absorber nonwovens

High-performance absorber nonwovens of the sawasorb series for transportation have been developed to bring quietness to the vehicles. They dampen engine and road noise, even at high speeds. “In 2017, these lightweight textiles, as well as efficient air and fuel filter media, were again re-qualified with renowned automobile manufacturers,” the company says.

“In this industry, the trend towards electromobility is currently creating intriguing new product requirements with regard to sound and heat insulation in vehicles, but also future applications for nonwovens in general. Together with partners along the supply chain, Sandler will accompany this development with competence in nonwovens.”


In filtration, material classification is now based on real-life conditions, involving a clearer understanding of the particles to be filtered, for example particulate matter. According to the new ISO 16890 standard, a filter’s performance is measured with regard to the size of the particles to be filtered out. This approach takes account of differences in the air quality in rural areas compared to urban regions. At the same time, energy efficiency gains importance.

Sandler’s enAIRsave product line is said to offer ideal filter media for all efficiency ranges according to ISO 16890. Owing to its special multi-layer structure, enAIRsave also contributes to lowering the energy consumption in the filtration unit.

Functionality and softness

New developments for the hygiene industry combine functionality and softness for more safety and comfort in daily use. Extensible nonwovens are applied in diaper ears and other closure systems, contributing to optimum fit. In ever more complex product structures, different nonwoven layers quickly transport the fluid away from the body and distribute it evenly along the entire surface, for optimum utilisation of the absorbent core’s storage capacity.

In 2017, Sandler showcased its innovations for the hygiene sector, as well as its wide range of nonwovens for diverse markets, at numerous trade fairs and conferences around the globe.

Important markets

For Sandler, the USA are the most important market outside of Europe. Accordingly, growth and further development also characterised the new plant in Perry, GA, in 2017. The production of Sandler nonwovens Made in USA celebrated its one-year anniversary in autumn; the production line is running at high capacity.

Sandler staff

In 2017, Sandler again invested in this team through the creation of 50 new jobs, as well as the modernisation of the administration buildings. EUR 5.5 million are currently being spent on creating a modern, quiet and open-plan working environment in Schwarzenbach.

In a spacious room design with individual workplaces, Sandler nonwovens are applied as sound insulation in acoustic wall elements and ceilings. Sandler’s function room and cafeteria are currently also being modernised and works are scheduled to be completed in summer.

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