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21st December 2017, Toronto, Canada

Stoll and Myant announce alliance to revolutionize smart textiles

Stoll, Germany’s leading flat knitting machine manufacturer, and Myant Inc., a leading Canadian ‘textile computing’ company, have announced a strategic and exclusive collaboration that they say will “populate functional computing textile manufacturing in Canada and the US, with 500 state-of-the-art knitting machines from Stoll.”

Myant CEO and founder Tony Chahine. (c) Myant.In a press release last night the companies announced that “advanced manufacturing will get a significant boost in Canada and the US when Stoll and Myant roll out 500 new 3D knitting machines to underpin the growth of functional computing textiles.”

It is unclear at this stage what is meant exactly by “roll out 500 new 3D knitting machines.” Knitting Industry believes this to be a collaboration that could eventually lead to the purchase of 500 new Stoll flat knitting machines by a network of organisations, rather than an announcement that 500 machines have been purchased. However, we are seeking clarification on this now.

“This collaboration will have a direct and powerful impact on the textile manufacturing industry worldwide as it raises the bar and sets a new gold standard for functional computing textiles,” the statement said.

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