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Metallic sheen, sporty elegance and concealed function

Developed and produced among the mountains of Switzerland, innovation, comfort, appearance and ecology have always played a central role in Schoeller textiles.

20th July 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Sevelen/Schweiz

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

Feather-weight, metallic reflective effects, concealed function and natural fibre qualities with bio technologies are just some of the highlights of the current Schoeller collections. Developed and produced among the mountains of Switzerland, innovation, comfort, appearance and ecology have always played a central role in Schoeller textiles.

Summer Freeze

Summer Freeze

The fine, aluminum-coated schoeller-spirit fabrics in Schoeller summer 2019 are so lightweight, they are barely noticeable, the company reports. Fashioned into light windbreakers, they shimmer in shades of copper, olive and polished steel, making the light dance. Semi-transparent, the aluminum coloured reverse gleams through and is an eye-catching interior. The same airy lightness and silky sheen characterize the transparent, water-repellent voile jacket qualities in various shades of grey and a morning red.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy

Energy is effectively radiated back to the wearer by the schoeller-spirit fabrics with the energear technology. Stone grey, salmon colored or deep blue, the matte jacket qualities, e.g. as an oversized parka or modern mackintosh, not only radiate elegant flair, but also protect the wearer from unexpected summer showers. Similarly energized, energear flatters in the bi-colour schoeller-shape cotton-polyester blend. As ultra-matte two-tone pant interpretations in sophisticated beige, henna or a light khaki, they perfectly match the exciting jacket qualities.

City Parkour

City Parkour

Outstanding comfort is a primary feature of the diverse soft, bi-elastic schoeller-WB-formula polyamide jacket qualities in matt shades like pine green, olive, stone grey, night blue, vibrant yellow, burnt henna or rosé. With either a velvety smooth or structured reverse, always in a contrasting color, they create a technical 3D look or a cleaner, more sporty look, depending on the backing. For example, fashioned into light all-season jackets in an athleisure style, a c_change climate membrane ensures a high level of breathability with reliable water proofing.

Bio Comfort

Sustainability also plays an important role in fashion, Schoeller says. The two technologies based on renewable raw materials, 3XDRY Bio and ecoprepel Bio, refine a variety of elastic schoeller-shape or schoeller-WB-400 natural fibre blends and provide ecological water repellence. In pleasant pants weights with a blurred overall print on the outside and a denim look on the reverse, or in a canvas look for chinos, they are ideal for cycling in urban traffic, among other things. The two exciting jacket styles take the stage in a more feminine version with a silk and cotton front and a fine wool backing, or in a slightly masculine alternative with a matte, rustic canvas weave and a richly-contrasting merino wool reverse in a mélange look.

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