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6th December 2008

Method for producing hygroscopic fibre


Inventor: TINGFEN XIN [CN]

Abstract of CN 101195929  (A) The invention aims to provide a production method which is different from the production method of common moisture absorption and sweat discharging fiber, the adopted technical proposal comprises: firstly, the conventional polyester pellet (PET) and the water solubility polyester pellet are adopted as the raw material, by utilizing a special-shaped spinneret for blended spinning, the moisture absorption and sweat discharging fiber can be obtained. Secondly, after post processing and weaving, the fiber is put into 100 DEG C boiling water to treat, the water solubility polyester component is removed, thereby, a great amount of micropores and grooves are produced on the surface of the fiber, and the absorbing and discharging function can be realized through capillary effect.; The fiber of the invention requires no conventional alkali treatment during the post processing of the cloth, thereby, the pollution to the environment is reduced. Also because only water is used as the treatment medium, the production cost is greatly reduced. The fiber can be widely used on the face fabric for producing shirts, jeans fashionable dresses, home textiles, leisure clothes, suit trousers, and underclothes.

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Method for producing hygroscopic fibre

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